managing your home office

Your home office or workspace can easily get out of control : bills, calendars, mail, files, etc. Tip: set aside time weekly to maintain order in your home office:  gathering papers to recycle, checking on your office supply needs, clearing out your inbox, checking off your to-do lists. Here are a few ways to bring some order to this area.


Every good organizing endeavor involves letting go of some extraneous and unnecessary items. Home office areas are no exception. Begin by emptying out all drawers, bins, cabinets, etc. Pull everything off of shelves and clear your desk top surface. This may (most likely) feel overwhelming, but you can do it! The act of handling each separate item is key while making decisions on what to keep, how many of the same thing you need, and if the item is useful to you or not. 


You need a system that works for you. If you visually like everything to be uniform - choose one color of file folders and neatly label each tab of what is inside. If you like the ease of each category having a color, try: all medical files are in red, all finances in green, all home documents in blue, etc. The important thing is clear labeling so when you go to search for an important document, it is obvious where it would be. Don't pack your file folders too full - consider splitting large folders into two: A & B or 1 & 2. Here's a helpful tool when considering which documents you need to hold onto and for how long. 

Resource from  Home Simply Organized . 

Resource from Home Simply Organized



Designated areas for incoming mail, outgoing mail, bills to be paid, lists you're dealing with currently, and a calendar - are so important. When these things get mixed and scattered, no wonder we miss appointments, pay bills late and can't locate our mail. Stacking trays or standing file organizers can be great tools for keeping these papers tidy. Urban Outfitters, multi-device charging dock is a neat way to keep devices together and charged! 



We've put together a few fun ideas to inspire you. Find pieces you love at thrift stores, other rooms in your home and your favorite local shops. Intentionally placing items that inspire your creativity and productivity are great ways to get stuff done!  A clean and orderly workspace can enable you to efficiently tackle your to-do lists and complete projects. Another fun option is this Photo Clip Set from Urban Outfitters- hang photos of loved ones, inspirational quotes and reminders. 

[Props and decor provided by The Hive.]

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