The prettiest little dish shop you ever did see

Doing Dishes 1912 Washington Pike Knoxville, TN

Doing Dishes 1912 Washington Pike Knoxville, TN

One of our favorite parts of owning and running a company is working with other small businesses around town! We are always looking for ways to partner with folks and better serve our clients. We were delighted when we discovered Doing Dishes and have grown quite fond of owner Flanders Setchel and Lola Marie- the shop pup!


We sat down over the weekend to learn more about Flanders and her journey to quickly becoming Knoxville's dish queen.

With one of the most interesting career paths of anyone I've ever met, Flanders has been a florist, gardener, server, real estate agent, jewelry shop owner, certified egg handler on a chicken farm, horse trainer, organic veggie farmer, and was a singer in the band the "Red Hot Mammas and Sultry Ladies" that covered torch songs from the 30's and 40's. Flanders came to Knoxville in 2012 by way of Rough and Ready, CA (yes--- that's really the name of the town!!). Doing Dishes became a reality about 1.5 years ago and has quickly become Help You Dwell's go-to spot and highest recommendation to clients who are looking to sell china and dishware. Flanders has been collecting china since the mid 80's and started selling it in '92 to support her dish buying habit. She comes by her love of dishes naturally-- her mother Doris (who you can often find in the shop) designed a line of china for the Carmel Valley Ranch Resort in the 80's. If you think Flanders sounds interesting, you should ask her mom about the time she almost adopted an elephant.


When asked "Why dishes?" she says "For the sake of entertaining. I have a deep affection for feeding people. I love gathering a few friends and setting a beautiful table. The different textures, colors and flavors set the mood for an unforgettable event." Flanders states that she always has 5 sets of dishes at the house at any given time in order to host a variety of different kinds of meals. There's a great quote that she stands by, "I'd rather eat a hot dog off a beautiful plate than beef wellington off an ugly one."

Flanders hosts at least 2 dinners a month and enjoys gathering an eclectic group of people for a beautiful meal and an exchange of ideas. She loves hosting conversations between people who might not ordinarily sit down at the same table- people with different ideas, political views, and backgrounds. For Flanders, setting a beautiful table and using beautiful dishes is a celebration of hospitality. In fact, she mentioned that she ended up selling some of her living room furniture to accommodate a larger dining room table so that she could host larger crowds. Her largest dinner party ever? She recalls a large party back in CA where some 250 people showed up--and who can blame them: her dinners sound idyllic!


So what is "Doing Dishes"? It's a little piece of dish-heaven on earth. If you are looking to buy or sell China, this is the place to go. She offers dishes for every price range and even has a dollar table. In addition to beautiful dish ware, Flanders stocks locally and regionally made goods like soap, stained glass pieces, and other gifts. She will be crafting gift baskets for Mothers Day as well! You can find out more about Doing Dishes on the facebook page or you can purchase online from the ebay account.

Flanders and Doris

Flanders and Doris

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