Digital Organization

organizing your smart phone photos

If your storage is limited...

Google Photos - This is a great option if you have a gmail account. It allows all of your photos and videos to be stored in the cloud with unlimited storage (up to 16 mp an 1080p HD). When connected to wifi, all you have to do is open the app to begin syncing up all of your recent photos to the cloud. Then, you are able to delete all photos off of your device to free up internal storage, yet you still have access via the Google Photos app. Another great feature is the ability to categorize photos into albums that you can share with others. One fun feature is the ability to search for what photo you are looking for by keyword. Learn more about how to use Google Photos here

Here are a few other options for creating organized photo storage on your phone.

If you have lots of storage available...

Your iPhone Photos app might be doing more for you than you realize. The Photos app has multiple default albums it creates for you, like: all photos, videos, favorites, selfies, screenshots, people, places, etc. You can also manually create albums and select which photos are included. The editing feature in Photos has also improved. More tips here

Taking your memories from your phone to your home...

Image via  Artifact Uprising . 

Image via Artifact Uprising

Websites like Shutterfly and Snapfish often offer discounts and promotions for printed photo products. Artifact Uprising features high quality clean line designs for your photos. 

to do lists at your fingertips

Our daily tasks are just as important to order and simplify as the physical objects in our homes and workspaces. While we are still huge fans of printed calendars and lists, it seems that we are quicker to turn to our smartphones to make lists or calendar appointments as we go throughout the day. What does this mean? 

We are all busy people- whether you are juggling kids, freelance work, creative ideas, or diverse clients, we can sometimes get lost in our devices, calendars and apps that are supposed to help us live simply. 

I've tried a few different methods of list making and a few apps created specifically for task organization. By far, the one I would jump to recommend to my mom, my roommates and my coworkers is Todoist

Why it might be a good tool for you:

  • It allows you to streamline all of your lists into one location. When you add an item on your phone, (as long as you have internet) it will sync to your computer or tablet. This eliminates redundant list making and saves you time from transferring things from one device to the other. 
  • You can actually attach a "priority" to the item you are adding to your to do list. This creates an order of importance among your list, helping you remember what the most important and potentially urgent items are. 
  • The feature of "assigning a task to someone" is extremely helpful for a team working towards a common goal. It streamlines the communication process, allowing the app to serve as the mouthpiece and explanation of a task as well as a calendar with a due date. It could increase your productivity as a group or team as it cuts out the email or phone call in between. 
  • Using the Todoist list for your tasks and daily duties, will create simplicity and space in your calendar. Instead of plugging everything you need to do in a day, into your phone calendar, causing it to look overwhelming and full to the brim- put your tasks in the Todoist list and enjoy the satisfaction of checking tasks off one by one. 
  • The list stays up to date. It will show you the current day, or the upcoming 7 days. This serves as a form of auto clean up and fresh start for each day. If items don't get completed "today", you can simply click and add it to tomorrows list. 
  • Todoist offers integration with over 50 other softwares and programs that will increase your ability to share and upload images or documents from other locations on your phone or computer. 
Follow @todoistofficial on Instagram. 

Follow @todoistofficial on Instagram. 

Follow  @todoistofficial  on Instagram. 

Follow @todoistofficial on Instagram. 

Check out why Hannah loves Todoist on a professional and personal level. 

Recently, I've been using my Todoist app like crazy in order to stay organized and up to date on tasks leading up to our Fall Flea @ The Hive. Is this event on your calendar? We'd love to see you there! Add it to your calendar today- Friday, November 4 from 8 am to 2 pm and Saturday, November 5 from 8 am to 2 pm. #HYDFallFlea 



Helpful Resources

This week we wanted to give you a closer look at some of the most helpful local resources for all of your purging, organizing and styling needs. We have amped up our "Resources" portion of the website and wanted to share with you. Consider the links below as "tools" in your tool belt of organization. This page is actively updated as we learn about new services available in our stay tuned! These are just a few highlights from our full resources page.


  • Goodwill : There are plenty of locations all around Knoxville. An organization that helps fund job training programs for East TN is something we can gladly get behind. 
  • YWCA  : They serve a wide variety of individuals from middle school girls and boys to women of all ages. A current "wish list" can be found on their website. 
  • Angelic Ministries : Located in north Knoxville, they accept any furniture, clothing, or household items in good condition. Ongoing needs include twin mattresses, box springs and bed linens. 
  • Ladies of Charity : This is another north Knox donation spot that accepts items ranging from clothing to household items to furniture. If you're unable to physically move your furniture, they'll arrange to come and get it from your home. 


  • Knoxville Box and Container, Inc : We can't speak highly enough of this local company that is committed to delivering quality products with unmatched customer service. Give them a call with your box and container needs. 
  • Moretz Moving :  Are you or someone you love moving soon? These are the folks to call; trusted and dependable. They also offer a free estimate! 


  • Neighborhood Nerds : General computer help for your families technology issues. They help with phones, desktops and laptops. Their team is passionate about teaching you to use your technology well. 
  • HappyMac : Local company you can count on with all of your Apple products. HappyMac team members really know the ins and outs of your favorite and most used products- after all they have been servicing Knoxville since 1994.


  • Fleetwood Photo & Digital : Need your old family photos or home videos archived? They can do it. They turned old forgotten pages of recipes into a beautifully bound cookbook for one of our clients. 


Knoxville is fortunate to have local organizations that make great use of our outdated or excess treasures. And we are huge fans of the local companies that provide the service and supplies we need to carry out our organizing jobs for our clients. 

We hope that some of these resources will give you the direction you need to get going on your next project!