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Taryn with Kate, Will, and Eli Ruth // 2008

Taryn with Kate, Will, and Eli Ruth // 2008

I became a mom with very few plans in place for how I’d spend time with my child or children, how I envisioned my home being set up for little ones, or how many kids I wanted to have. I’d always hoped to be a mom. I just didn’t really have specific ideas of exactly how that might go down. Almost 17 years into motherhood, and 3 amazing kids later, I am both thankful for that somewhat clueless beginning and at the same time, a bit regretful that I wasn’t more intentional.

Image:  Texture Photo  // 2018

Image: Texture Photo // 2018

I’ve found that not having concrete expectations of how motherhood would go was a gift in that it allowed for a whole lotta grace. Not so much pressure on them or on me to be someone I had dreamed up in my head. I think I have been able to pay closer attention to each one of my kids and their unique personalities, ways of relating, and specific needs better since I didn’t have rigid expectations of what I wanted parenting and my kids to look like.

Being somewhat clueless also paved the way for new relationships and a sweet reliance on family. I am fortunate to have started motherhood off with some incredible new mamas who I’ve shared this crazy adventure with and who are still some of my dearest friends. We learned so much from one another. I am also a very blessed gal to have a mom and mother-in-law who have shown me what great love and sacrifice for your kids looks like. All good gifts in the midst of my cluelessness.

However, there is one area that I do wish I had been more thoughtful about at an earlier stage — how to create spaces in my home, and spaces in our days, for my kids. I had to make a lot of mistakes in this area before realizing there’s a better way. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but if I had taken a bit more time to think through what items &/or areas in my home that would encourage my kids to learn, explore, and love well, I would’ve saved myself lots of hours of singing (and doing) the “clean-up, clean-up, everybody everywhere” song and dance, procrastination, guilt, and frustration.

On May 2 at The Back Porch Mercantile, this is the exact topic we will be teaching on.

  • How do we get a baby’s room ready with all the needs but not the excess?

  • What’s the best way to create a play area for toddler’s that allows them to explore but doesn’t turn my house into a plastic toy jungle?

  • Do I keep all my preschooler’s handprint art and the other 724 pieces of art they’ve created?

  • Toys through the years and how to store them in a way that your kids can actually clean them up.

  • How do we do birthdays and holidays well without filling up on too many gifts?

  • What to do with all my elementary-age child’s school work?

  • How do teach my kids to organize?

I have learned lots raising this boy and my two girls. I’m still learning. And whether you’re a new mom or a few years in, my hope for you is that through some intentional, thoughtful planning, you can create the best space for your kids and for you to be the best mom you can be.

Image: Paige Severance (and her cutie twins!)

Image: Paige Severance (and her cutie twins!)

Fall Flea

9.25 fall flea insta post.png

We are so excited to announce and invite you to the Fall Flea @ The Hive. Come and shop with us! 

Our team has been curating a shop full of vintage treasures, gorgeous accents, and eclectic one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and home decor. 

Friday // November 3
Saturday // November 4
8 am - 2 pm

Follow us on Facebook + Instagram for more sneak peeks of items for sale in the Fall Flea. 

so you've purged, now what?

One of the biggest questions we get from our clients is what to do with the items they are ready to part with. We separate items into two main categories: donate & sell. Here's some helpful information regarding where & how to sell different items. In two weeks, we'll share resources for where & how to donate your items. We're currently gearing up for our Spring Flea at the Hive next weekend, April 21-22 and wanted to invite you to come shop vintage home decor and furniture! 


Consigning Household Items- 
Consign to Design: Furniture and home decor in excellent condition
Backroads Market: Old, new, used and transformed farmhouse style furniture and home decor
Mid-Mod Collective: Mid Century Modern, Danish Modern, Industrial, Vintage Clothing, and Quality Books and Vinyl
The Flea: Pop up consignment held twice a year, selling home decor and furniture

Consigning Clothes & Accessories-
Clothes Mentor: gently used women's clothes size 0-26, petite and maternity
Repeat Boutique: women's designer clothes, shoes and handbags
Statemint Consignment: twice a year pop up clothing consignment for adults 

Selling Books & Music-
McKay's: gently used albums, books, instruments, movies, video games, gaming systems, board games, comics and more



Household Items-
Craigslist: convenient to sell without the hassle of shipping
Local Facebook groups: easy to post and expedite communication with buyers
Letgo app: quick and streamline process for selling unwanted items in your area

Clothing & accessories-
Poshmark: online clothing sales made easy
 eBay: world wide marketplace, can sell almost anything here