HYD Fall Challenge

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Fall has finally arrived. Let's hope the weather follows soon! We are devoting the month of September to an often neglected and problem area of our homes. You guessed it... the closets

What better way to get motivated and organized than joining us in the:


For 4 weeks (every Thursday in the month of September) we will pick a specific closet to focus on in your home. Our blog will feature inspiration and tips to help you conquer your closets one week at a time. We want to see your completed projects each week! Post a photo to Facebook or Instagram (by the Monday after the blog is posted) with the hashtag #HYDFallChallenge . We will pick one random winner each week to receive the prize of a lovely HYD Canvas Tote


Why participate?

  • Because your closets need some love every now and then.

  • Because you will create space in your closets for the things you need and love.

  • Because you might win a beautiful HYD canvas tote. 

  • Because purging and creating space in your closets will inspire you to declutter other areas.

  • Because donating and giving back to your community is life giving. 

Week 1: Linen Closet

Begin by taking everything out of the closet (or cabinets). 

Separate the contents in a way that makes sense to you.

  • separate by room of use (master bedroom, children's bathroom, extra bedroom, etc.)
  • separate by color (whites, colors, neutrals, etc.)
  • separate by type (bedsheets, hand towels, bath towels, picnic blankets, etc.)

Sort into categories.

  • Discard- the torn towels or worn out sheets that you'd rather use in the garage or to dry off the dog. These can be put in a new place- laundry room or garage.
  • Occasional Use- the towels, sheets and blankets you only need when you have multiple house guests at one time or when the whole family goes on a trip. These could be better stored under a bed in a vacuum seal bag. Table cloths might fall into this category- try to find a place closer to the kitchen such as the top shelf of the pantry. 
  • Necessity- the ones you use every day. These are the ones that deserve a prime spot on the shelf in your laundry room. The trick here is that you don't need excess. Only have on hand, what you need and use regularly. Let your kids pick their favorite towels and blankets and find a shelf they can easily access. 
  • Donate- Challenge yourself to fill a few grocery bags or even a trash bag of linens that you can part with. Our local KARM stores would be a great place for these to end up. 

Put back the contents that are here to stay.

  • Think about who is using the linens and if they can reach what they need
  • Put them back in a way that is practical and aesthetically pleasing (each time you open this closet, you'll be glad you did!) 
  • Show your family members or roommates the new linen closet system!
  • Share your photo and hashtag #HYDFallChallenge 

Happy organizing!