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Introducing Origami Day!

I am so excited to introduce HYD's new friend, Samantha Lane, founder of Origami Day, to you. HYD is so thrilled to learn about her new company and how she's helping folks with time management and personal productivity!

Samantha came up with the idea after a health scare a few years back that led her to rethink how she was spending her own time.  Soon thereafter, she attended a time management class where the lightbulb came on and Origami Day was born.  Samantha's been applying Origami Day practices in her own life for some time now.  After walking alongside friends and colleagues assisting them with their calendars and how to use their time more wisely, she realized she had lots to offer our busy culture.  

So what is Origami Day? We'll start with the fabulous, simple, and very functional products:

The 2018 Origami Planner Notebook
This planner/notebook is so lovely and brilliant as it allows you to see the month as a whole, helping you keep track of the bigger picture with a year view as well. But that's not all, the journal has space for note taking, big ideas, and other important scribbles. These features  allow you to only grab one item instead of a planner and a journal and a notepad.  Available locally at Rala and online.

The Origami Day Planner Sheet
These sheets are designed with a unique grid that allows you to plan your week thoroughly. The next step is to fold your sheet along the provided lines allowing you to see your present day and the following day encouraging you to stay present and not be overwhelmed by the entire week. Available online.

Time Management Presentation
Samantha leads dynamic sessions that will inspire any audience to get excited about Time Management or Personal Productivity. Whether you are looking for a workshop, a conference speaker, or another special event, Origami Day is a great choice.

Origami Day is more than just the products though. It's also a new way of thinking. Samantha is dedicated to creating a culture shift, even if it's just on a small scale. She's come to realize that...

... how we spend our day is how we spend our life.
Samantha Lane, Founder

Samantha Lane, Founder

Just as HYD has seen the freedom and renewal that comes from decluttering the stuff in our homes, Samantha is now experiencing the great power that comes from decluttering one's schedule to create space and time for the things in life that truly matter.

And be on the lookout for some exciting collaborations between Origami Day and Help You Dwell this Spring!!

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with thankful hearts

Before you get swept up in the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, let's slow down and make room for gratitude. This week we're going to share a few of the local businesses we're thankful for! 

Image via K Brew's Facebook page. 

Image via K Brew's Facebook page. 


Whether you are downtown or in the neighborhood, there's a location close by! The baristas are excellent at crafting beautiful caffeinated drinks while also making you feel at home. It doesn't get much better than a friendly face and a hot cup of high quality coffee. 

Image via The Happy Envelope website. 

Image via The Happy Envelope website. 


We have a strong affinity for creative designs and pretty paper goods. From calendars, to wall prints, to stationary and even wedding invitations- they've got it all. And the lovely husband and wife team deliver incredible customer service and attention to every detail. Their beautiful studio and shop is downtown on Jackson ave. 

Image via Three Rivers Market website. 

Image via Three Rivers Market website. 


Through the freshest produce and highest quality food, the co-op aims to "nourish a healthier community". That's a cause we are all about. If the co-op is your routine grocery shop or you just stop in once or twice, you're supporting their fight to stop waste and address food justice issues in our community. 

Image via Rala's Facebook page. 

Image via Rala's Facebook page. 


Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? We always love the variety of original goods and gifts available in this downtown shop. The best part is the shop is curated with products that are regionally and locally made by artisans. So many fun items specific to our region of East Tennessee. 

Image via Moretz Moving Facebook page. 

Image via Moretz Moving Facebook page. 


These guys have become our go-to for most of our clients who are moving locally. They are professional and reliable. Family owned and operated for over 30 years. We've enjoyed working with them and watching them handle our client's furniture and belongings with extreme care. 

We are so thankful for the local businesses we've been able to learn from in the past 3 years. We love being a small business that cares deeply about the local economy and helping our neighbors.

Thanks to  Texture Photo  for one of our favorite shots. 

Thanks to Texture Photo for one of our favorite shots. 


Last but certainly not least, we are thankful for you; our clients, friends & family. Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside of you in transition, to create beautiful and functional spaces, and to help you bring simplicity and order to your homes and workspaces. 

Have you heard about BackRoads Market?

Earlier this week, we took an unofficial tour of one of Knoxville's newest businesses. Back Roads Market is more than just a store, it's a destination. Kerry and Craig Myers have poured tons of time and love into this beautiful space and have truly created something unique. For before and after pictures of the space, check out their latest blog entry!

The Myers' original vision was to create space for community. In our opinion, they have certainly executed that vision. They hope you find a fun item to purchase, but more than that, they hope you have a welcoming experience. Part coffee shop, part flower market, part consignment, part new furniture and decor, part custom furniture, part local goods, they have it all. 

On Saturdays, you can come build your own bouquet. Rather than purchasing a ready made floral arrangement, you get to pick each type of flower and you can make it work on any budget. 

If you are interested in consigning with them, you can check out their consigners agreement here

The in house carpenter, Danny, builds custom farmhouse tables and bed swings like the one below! 

Check back in with them regularly as they get new items in each week. With a mix of consignment, new items, and hand picked items from all over East Tennessee and North Carolina, you are sure to find something you can't live without. 

You can follow them on instagram @backroads_market

Caroline, BackRoads Market owner Kerry Myers, and Katie 

Caroline, BackRoads Market owner Kerry Myers, and Katie