Seasonal Organizing

Tips for Storing Seasonal Clothing

Winter may (finally & hopefully) be behind us! That’s not to say that Spring doesn’t bring some chilly mornings, but overall it’s safe to say we can put away the snow bibs and winter gloves. These items can be bulky and take up lots of space in your every day closet and dresser.

Here are some tips for storing seasonal items:

Image from Container Store.

Image from Container Store.

Take Inventory
We always suggest that you edit before you store. Take inventory of the clothing and accessories you gather, and be ruthlessly honest with yourself. If there are damaged or stained items - let them go, they don’t need to take up space and it isn’t likely they will be useful next season.

Image from Container Store.

Image from Container Store.

Location, Location
Consider the best location for those stored items. This could be under the bed, an unused storage closet, or a basement/attic. If your storage area may be damp, DampRid is a great product that will help attract and trap excess moisture. When looking for the best place to store seasonal items in your home, look for these conditions: clean, cool, dark and dry.

Find the Right Storage Containers
Adding cedar or lavender blocks to your storage containers, bags or bins can help keep your stored items fresh and protected.

Here are some under the bed storage containers we like: Under Bed Drawer, Long Under Bed Box with Wheels, Under Bed Artisan Crunch Storage Bag,

If you’re going to use plastic bins, we always suggest using clear ones. This eliminates the question or confusion when looking for a specific item. Using bins of matching size create ease when stacking or fitting bins into the storage area you choose.

With bulky and puffy items like jackets or snow pants, you can use vacuum sealed bags to save lots of space. Invite your family members into the decision making with the purging and storing.

Image from  Shira Gill.

Image from Shira Gill.

Storing seasonal items allows more space for the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear on a daily basis in the current season. This can help eliminate frustration and overwhelm when looking for a specific item or choosing what to wear. It’s simple - what you need, is in front of you and what you don’t need, isn’t cluttering your space or mind.

get outside!

We love this time of year. Watching everything come back to life after the long (wet) and dark winter is so refreshing. The change of season can bring shift in our perspective and revival to our spirits. With the start of spring comes excitement and ample opportunities to enjoy beautiful east Tennessee.

Image from Visit Knoxville.

Image from Visit Knoxville.

Here are a few ways we encourage you to get outside & welcome the new season…

Explore Knoxville’s tree-based adventure park, Navitat, at Ijams Nature Center, or take a hike on one of the Center’s trails.

Pack a picnic lunch and bring a blanket for a sunny feast at Sequoyah Hills Park.

Sweep off porch and patio areas. Make them more inviting with a new welcome mat or strand of lights.

Enjoy a beer with a friend at the Bearden Beer Market to support Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful.

Celebrate EarthFest’s 20th year anniversary at SoKno Taco Cantina.

Image from Outdoor Knoxville.

Image from Outdoor Knoxville.

Enjoy a Signature Spring Wildflower Hike at Norris Dam State Park.


Participate or cheer on participants downtown for the Covenant Health 5K & kids run.

Instead of going to the gym, head to Lakeshore Park and traverse the loop at any pace you please.

Begin preparing your gardens and attend Easy Vegetable Gardening seminar at Stanley’s Greenhouse.

Make a bonfire & invite new neighbors to enjoy it with you.

Ideas for an Organized + Meaningful Thanksgiving

Before you get overwhelmed or let another list of ideas make you feel like you aren't doing "enough"... we're sharing these tips to bring just a little additional function or fun to your Thanksgiving, but it doesn't have to be complicated. There is something very sacred and special about welcoming guests, family and friends into your home with as minimal fuss as possible. The hospitable act of opening your door, your table, your kitchen, your heart and your family is not to be taken lightly. Give yourself some grace. And if you are the one visiting someone else's home, go with gratitude. What if you chose not to get caught up in the expensive decor, fancy fixings, or newest trends this year? We challenge you to make a little commitment to yourself and whoever you are gathering with - that you will simply be grateful to gather, and the rest is all secondary. 

Our ideas to bring functionality + fun to your Thanksgiving:

Image from  The Pretty Blog . 

Image from The Pretty Blog

  • Turn up the tunes. Make a family mix playlist on Spotify, so that everyone gets to hear a few of their current favorite songs. Or you can pick a genre or artist that everyone will love and have it playing in the background all day. 
  • No Phone Zone. What if you and your guests all put your phones away (silenced and in another room) during your meal? Consider how this could eliminate distractions and foster togetherness at your table. 
  • Take your feast outside. If the weather allows, shift your Thanksgiving meal outside - embrace the crisp fall air and a change of scenery. Ask your guests to bring camping chairs and set up a fire to enjoy after the feast. This will allow time to linger and savor the day a little longer. This blog post is an incredible inspiration for your outdoor Thanksgiving.
  • If you have help, take it. Don't try to be a superhero - let your people pitch in and give you a hand. 
  • Walk it out. If you can find just 20 minutes, grab a neighbor or loved one in town and step away from the kitchen and enjoy fresh air and company for a brief break. If you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal for lunch, this is a great idea for the whole gang after the meal. Get your body moving for just a bit, you might even enjoy that pumpkin pie a little more if you do. 

Links we're loving: 

Image from  The Pretty Blog .

Image from The Pretty Blog.