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Is your storage unit the best investment?

We get it. Sometimes life comes at you in ways you never imagined and you find yourself needing to make a quick move either to a smaller place or for a short period of time. Storage units can be the best route if you don't have a family member or friend to let you store your extra stuff while your in transition. BUT......

this blog is for all of you that don't fit into that category. : )

Today, storage units can range anywhere from $40/mo up to $400/mo depending on how big and how nice a unit is. At first, this can be easily added into the budget for some folks. Others, it's a bit of a stretch. Oftentimes, it all makes sense to store that piece (you really don't like) from your grandma or the dining room table and 6 chairs that you used at your first house but don't need now or the really nice bed frame you hope to use someday but haven't yet because it never seems to match the style of your current home. But then you do the math. Say you've had the unit 4 years now. And say you're just paying the average price of a unit in Knoxville, TN which is about $90/mo. That is $4320. Yes, Four-Thousand Three-Hundred and Twenty dollars.  Woah.

Like we said earlier, you may have very good reason to need that extra space for a transition period. We get it. But, if the "transition period" has lasted so long that you don't really remember what's in the unit, it might be time to reconsider that extra monthly expense. 

HYD would love to help. As you've heard us say before, taking someone along when you're ready to find new homes for items you no longer need is definitely the way to go. If you've got a friend ready and willing, grab 'em and go for it! If not, HYD would be honored to be that helping hand as you decide the best way to find the right spot for all those items in your storage unit. Who knows? Some of it might be just what you need in your current space but you'd just forgotten you had it! We can help with that too!

Don't let another month go by spending money that could be much better spent on family, friends, travel, and life that you can enjoy! Make a valuable investment of a bit of your time and a small investment in HYD services and enjoy the freedom from the monthly storage expense as well as the peace of mind that comes with letting go of items you don't need and others do.

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3

Now that the weather is getting nicer we have been finding it hard to stay motivated to be inside all day. Often organizing can be time consuming but we have come up with a few more ways to declutter in quick spurts so you don't waste your day away. I often find that the kitchen is the easiest part of the house to purge. Offices are hard because of the surplus of paper, closets are hard due to the volume of items that get crammed in so they aren't seen, kitchens, however, are really easy to purge in a timely manner.



1. Take a quick scan through all of your kitchen cabinets and drawers and remove anything that you haven't used in the past year. We all have those random items that someone gave us, or we found in the car etc that somehow end up in our cabinets and never come out. We all have duplicates and half working items as well. Now is the time. You have our permission to give away the mismatched plastic cups, the chipped mugs, and the really unfortunate serving platter from your great aunt. When you have room in your kitchen cabinets to clearly see the things you love, you will be more likely to use them.

We have found this article to be helpful when we feel like we need permission to purge.



2. Purge your fridge.  Maybe it's just me but I always seem to accrue salad dressings and condiments and promptly forget about them. Take 5 minutes to check the expiration dates on items in your fridge that you typically don't think about. While your at it, a quick scan of your pantry can't hurt either. Pay attention to canned and bottled items that we tell ourselves "last forever". I promise they don't.

Closet Purging 101

February is a great time to go through your closet. Purging your closet prior to switching out seasonal clothes makes it easier to see what you have and see what you need next winter when you transition again. We have come up with a few suggestions on how to get started and questions to ask yourself when you get stuck.

One of the most helpful things is to closet purge with someone who you can trust to tell you the truth about what's flattering and what's not, what looks dingy, and what is outdated.

We always suggest pulling everything out and categorizing by type of item. For example, shoes, belts, t shirts, nicer shirts, skirts, sweaters, jackets etc. Pick a category and go through each item and decide whether to keep it, give it away, return it to someone, or trash it. Once you are done with the category, put the items you are keeping back into the closet.

Often times when organizing you will end up with a "maybe" pile or those items that are just really hard to make decisions on. The following questions may help you figure out why you are hesitant to let it go which may help you make a decision.

1. Do you feel good about yourself when you wear it?

2. Have you worn it in the past year?

3. Do you have other clothing items that look very similar or serve the same purpose?

4. Are you holding onto it for sentimental reasons or out of guilt? (We often recommend photographing beloved clothing items that you know you won't wear again so that you can have a visual memory to hold onto that won't take up place in your closet. Trying to keep your closet limited to items that you actually wear will make getting dressed a lot easier.)

** In case you missed it, we will be at the Dogwood Arts House and Gardens Show this year. We present on Feb 13th at 11 but will be manning our booth all weekend. We would love to meet you and talk about your space! We will also be hosting a drawing for a FREE CLOSET MAKEOVER! Come by and leave your email to enter. **