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These 5 Things.

1. Find out how to organize your kitchen for under $100 at Target. 

2. The Happy Envelope is collaborating with local a few local photographers for Holiday Photo Sessions

3. Knoxville is getting our very own Food Truck Park - Central Filling Station. Coming soon and it's right near our office @ The Hive. 

4. Sarah, from Our Vintage Farmhouse wrote a blog that is inspiring to say the least - read it here

5. The 2017 HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway is right here in one of Knoxville's downtown neighborhoods - 4th & Gill. Check it out**Image credit: Tomas Espinoza

Entryways for Fall


As the seasons change and the colors start to pop let's talk about spicing up the WELCOME area of your home: the entryway. No matter how big or small, formal or informal, adding some seasonal personality to the entrance of your home will bring that festive Fall feeling we have all waited all summer to enjoy!

First things first, lets begin with what already exists in your space and tidy up our "palate." Start by analyzing the furniture in the area. Take stock of how items are being stored in, on, or under the furniture pieces. Clear out seasonal summer accessories (i.e. expired sunscreen, old or broken sunglasses, sun hats, sandals, etc). Store these items or discard if they will not weather another year. Next, give the area a good cleaning to prepare for the next season of storage and decor. Once the area is clean, bring in this season's necessities like a warm rain jacket, your favorite scarves and hats for chilly mornings, and your coziest pair of boots. This is where a piece of furniture with drawers is ideal for storing small autumn accessories such as gloves, pet sweaters, and your favorite chap stick!

Fall Leaves Coir Doormat // World Market

Fall Leaves Coir Doormat // World Market

Now for the fun part, you have curated and cleaned and are prepped for the cooler days and now it is time to celebrate with the fabulous colors of this season. We like to think that the entryway actually begins just outside the front door. We love a splash of Fall foliage on the porch or on the door. This creates the first warm welcome as you or your guests approach your home. This can be done using a fall wreath, a bouquet or two of mums, and maybe some pumpkins. This does not have to be much, just adding a splash of color outside to welcome the season and your guests. If you are just feeling extra warm and spicy you can add a beautiful seasonal welcome mat like this one from World Market as well!

Once you enter the home, the "simple splash" approach still applies. We love pumpkins, gourds, and your favorite fall foliage strategically placed around the room. A tiny pumpkin on a key tray, a bouquet of vibrant leaves or flowers on a table is all you need to add that little festive pop to brighten up this area. We love how Julie over at Little Farmstead embraced the simple beauty of this season by showcasing her fabulous boots alongside some precious pumpkins. We think this is a "gourdgeous" combination :)

Feeling inspired? Need a little help? Well we would be delighted! Check out our October promotion below to find out how to let us Help You Dwell....for less :)

** Also, this month HYD is offering an entryway/mudroom organization and refresh for a discounted rate of $75 for 2 hours. We'll help you rethink the way you use your entry way or mudroom... including furniture, storage, and decor.  This is a great time of year to show this area some love, with lots of friends and family sure to be visiting your home for the holidays!
More details by emailing or calling 865.245.9080**

envisioning your space

Organizing and decorating can be challenging. We've found that it's easy to feel weighed down and stuck in the "stuff" that hinders us from loving our dwelling places. Think about the pile of mail on the kitchen counter, the clothes stacked on a chair in your bedroom, the crafts spread on your kids floor, and the mixed up files in drawers of your office... you might already be ready to give up after just thinking about it! 

A fresh approach might be the change you need in perspective to conquer your challenging space. Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, we've lost a lot of our ability to envision things on our own. We pin the image of an immaculate office and elegant bedroom that are way outside of our budget, and when we shut our computer we settle back into the reality of our lackluster spaces. 


enjoy these creations as you start to imagine your spaces with new eyes. 
Ashley Dawn Addair is the creative behind the visual beauty below. 

Close out of Pinterest, shut the computer, and open your creative mind. Here are some questions to think about as you re-think areas of your home. 

  1. Who will use this space most? 
  2. What key furniture does this space need?
  3. What colors create the mood you want to inspire?
  4. What textures deliver comfort, function and coziness? 
  5. How can you create natural/warm light in this space? 
  6. What memories do you want to make in this space?
  7. How do you hope your guests feel in this space?
  8. What current items in this space are you ready to purge/donate?
  9. Do you prefer exposed or hidden organization of the stuff essential to this space?

Each space and home and it's people are unique. Don't limit your space by the images you see online, dream up your ideal space and incorporate the specific items you already love and possess. 

Happy envisioning friends! If you'd like some help and direction in your space, we'd love to work with you. 

*bonus- we stumbled upon this beautiful blog this week and had to share... Simple as That. Here's a link to a post with a free printable calendar "Collect Moments-Not Things"!