Closet Organizing

how to approach an overflowing closet

Are you constantly running out of hangers? Do your clothes fill your closet to the max?
It's time to assess that overflowing closet confidently.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. When was the last time i wore it?
  2. Does it have irreparable stains, holes and pulls? 
  3. Do I have several other almost identical items? 
  4. Does it fit me well? 
  5. Do I feel confident in this? 

These questions should help you distinguish between the clothes you should hold onto and the ones you can part with. 

If you need a little more direction, here is a fun infographic with thought provoking questions to help you make decisions about your clothing. 

Go from this... [photo source:  Hex Jam blog ]

Go from this... [photo source: Hex Jam blog]

to this. [photo source:  College Gloss ]

to this. [photo source: College Gloss]

Then what?

We've come up with a few suggestions for your well loved clothes you are ready to part with: 

  • STATEMINT CONSIGNMENT - Knoxville's first upscale consignment event for adults (next sale: March 30- April 1) . We are excited to consign, shop & help sponsor this community event!
  • bare.thred - Local secondhand shop dedicated to turning people's excess into outlets for creativity and style. We love this mission!
  • Clothing Swap - grab a few of your co-workers, neighbors and friends and host your own little community clothing swap. invite everyone to bring up to 10 items to trade with each other. 
  • Donate - KARM, Ladies of Charity, Goodwill, and so many more. Contact us with questions in regards to where we suggest you donate specific items ( 

*photo credit for blog image: Statemint Consignment

our february 11 workshop is sold out!
 We are working on another workshop for the spring! 


color coordinated

Before we begin, if you are color blind- our sincerest apologies. However, we're confident that in some way, you will benefit from these colorful ideas regarding coordination, categorization & organization. 

What colors do you find beautiful? What colors represent kid friendly things? What colors say "dangerous" or toxic? What colors signify the holidays? 

There are so many areas of your home where a little color coordination might bring simplicity and order. 

Image from Amanda Griffin-Jacobs blog. 

Image from Amanda Griffin-Jacobs blog. 

TOYS. Assess the toys in your home, and decide whether it will be more effective to separate toys by type or by the child that will play with them. Separating by type is conducive to families with children near the same age. Separating by which child plays with specific toys might be better for a family with a larger gap in age and interest, such as a young boy with an older sister. Pick a color and designate a bin/basket or tub for each category of toy.

Image from Simply Spaced blog. 

Image from Simply Spaced blog. 

CLOTHES. A closet organized by color is aesthetically satisfying and incredibly practical as you sleepily sift through your clothes to find the perfect (orange, yellow, pink or white) shirt for today. It takes the search and rescue effort out of getting dressed every day. Follow the gradient of colors as you look for your specific blouse or pair of pants. 


Image from A Bowl Full of Lemons blog. 

Image from A Bowl Full of Lemons blog. 

DOCUMENTS. While manila file folders are still classic, there are so many colorful options to choose from. If you are single, married or a mother to 12 children- you have important documents. Pick a color for each category, such as: Medical files, Home Warranties, School Papers, Bank Statements, etc. 



Happy color coordinating! Some other places to implement color organization include: book shelves, craft areas, and your dishes! What are other areas you use color to bring order and simplicity?

We'd love to help you think outside the box in the areas of your home that stump you. Give us a call to schedule your free 30 minute consultation today- 865.245.9080

[ Blog post image source: Apartment Therapy ]

the all purpose closet.

As much as it would fulfill our perfectly designed and organized dreams of each closet having it's own category of contents, sometimes we are presented just one closet for multiple purposes. Imagine one closet that needs to contain all of your seasonal decor, gift wrapping supplies, crafting tools, and cleaning supplies. We've come up with a few tips regarding each category, to help this closet function as functionally and organized as it can. These ideas can be applied regardless of the size or shape of the closet. Let's work with what we've got & get creative... after all this is why we call it "the art of organizing"

Seasonal Decor.

Image from Eleven Magnolia Lane.

Image from Eleven Magnolia Lane.

  • Snap and stack ornament storage. Or if you have your own boxes, use those! Also try- egg crates or apple cartons for round & fragile ornaments. 

  • Hanging your wreaths vertically with a hanger... what?! Read more on how to.

  • Use your storage tubs and bins more efficiently. Empty all of your current holiday storage to see it all at once. Let go of the things you no longer like or don't want to use this season. Reorganize the bins into: outdoor decor, christmas tree decorations & lights, serving ware & hosting dishes. 

Gift Wrapping.

Image from I Heart Organizing. 

Image from I Heart Organizing. 

Cleaning Stuff. 

Image from The 36th Avenue.

Image from The 36th Avenue.

  • Use a shoe organizer for cleaning spray bottles. 

  • Choose pretty containers (clear glass or labeled clearly) to hold all of your cleaning supplies. Like this.

  • Get rid of all expired or toxic cleaning chemicals. Show your kids the supplies you want them to have access to and where they are to be stored. 

Crafting Supplies. 

Image from Mad in Crafts

Image from Mad in Crafts

  • Separate and distinguish between adult and children's craft supplies. 
  • Encourage the kids who will use this closet to help in deciding where things go and how they'd like to set their things up. 
  • Make room by purging items that your kids may have grown out of and would like to donate to another family. 
  • Use vertical storage (this is a common theme in this blog post!) like a hanging shoe container for yarn. 
  • Hanging paint storage: try this DIY trick

If you love the pretty door image we used for this blog post- google some creative ways to make a bland and boring closet door POP! 

Post a photo of the space, room, or nook that you love dwelling in & simply tag us (@helpyoudwell) and one lucky winner will receive a free HYD Canvas Tote! Last week to win. 

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