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854 North Central Street
Knoxville, TN, 37917
United States

(865) 245-9080

Help You Dwell is a home and workspace organizing service based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

One Year of Monthly Organizing

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One Year of Monthly Organizing

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1yearof monthly.png

One Year of Monthly Organizing

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Purchase a year of monthly organizing! This package is a great way to pace yourself and your home organizing projects over the span of 12 months. This package offers accountability and consistency, allowing us to help get your home in order.

How it works:
Each month, you get 2 hours with an organizer to tackle one area/project in your home.
Each month when your 2 hour session is complete, your organizer will take away 1 free donation load.
As a “monthly organizing” client, you receive 10% off any additional hours of organizing scheduled above & beyond your 2 hours per month.

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