Are you overwhelmed?
Too busy?
Can’t find the things you need?
Tired of feeling “house shame?”

we can help.


We understand the longing for your home to be the place you always dreamed it could be. We’ve been honored to guide and empower more than 400 clients in the greater Knoxville area to find freedom and peace of mind in their spaces through organization and relocation services.

It’s our greatest joy to help you reclaim your home.


Be a part of the HYD family.
Ongoing service and exclusive discounts

We bring order to chaos.
Packages to suit every need

Let us simplify the process.
Providing assistance each step of the way

How can we free you up to do more of what you love?
Let us guide you to reclaim your home.

Our promise to you: we are always




What I needed in my home was peace and structure. HYD was able to take a living space that caused me great angst, and create a space that allowed me to breathe, exist, and just “dwell”.
— Daphne
Money well spent! So great to have these ladies help organize my space and take control of my domain again!
— Katy
Help you Dwell doesn’t try to tell you what to do...they ask what you want for your space, how you will use it, etc and then work to create an environment that meets your needs within your budget.
— Erin