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Help You Dwell is a home and workspace organizing service based in Knoxville, Tennessee.




"HYD was SUCH a gift to my house! They created space where there was only plants and stuff mashed together. They created atmosphere by giving important items a perfect place to fit in the sunroom. HYD also gave me "permission" (you know how you cling to things that should be let go of?) to get rid of. Now I can't help but to walk into the room and just look around in awe, loving my new space, and enjoying sharing it with whoever drops by. Thank you SO very much HYD! I will be recommending you many times over (and asking you to come again for sure!)"

-Elisa R. (Knoxville)

"Help you Dwell doesn't try to tell you what to do...they ask you want you want for your space, how you will use it, etc and then work to create an environment that meets your needs within your budget."

-Fulton High School Principal (Knoxville)

"Caroline and Taryn from Help You Dwell continue to provide enthusiastic service as I grow my business and use their services for home, office, and general life organization. I will continue to use them and recommend them highly to friends and colleagues."

-Katie N. (Knoxville)

"Money well spent!! So great to have these ladies help organize my space and take control of my domain again!!"

-Katy M. (Loudon, TN)

"With a limited amount of time to start the school year we found ourselves hiring staff and creating schedules- with no time to focus on the office space. We were desperate to get organized and at the same time create an environment that was welcoming and unique- and reflected our school. HYD was able to take this project on for us- and create a space that welcomed staff and parents into a building they could be proud to call their own."

-Beaumont Magnet Academy Principal (Knoxville)

"Taryn and Caroline have creative minds, diligent work ethics, honest souls, and caring hearts. Help You Dwell has my highest recommendation. They sure helped me."

-Dwight T. (Knoxville)

"What I needed in my home was peace and structure. HYD was able to take a living space that caused me great angst, and create an environment that allowed me to breathe, exist, and just "dwell". It has changed how I feel in my home...and has made it a much happier place to be a family."

-Daphne O. (Powell, TN)

"It seems most homes have "that spot" or "that room" that the owner feels completely overwhelmed by. I was no exception. Being encouraged as well as taught how stuff in "my room" could be sorted, cleared out, and reorganized was a life saver to me. Caroline was kind, patient, and persistent in helping me consider the value, place and need for possessions. I am very sentimental. It was particularly meaningful to me that she didn't push me or try to convince me to get rid of something that she didn't see of value. She recognized that it was valuable to me and simply helped me rethink how it could be boxed and/or relocated to a better spot. "The loft" was "that room" in my home. It is looking mighty fine these days as an overwhelming amount of pictures, kid's school needs, books, home office equipment, keepsakes, files, and sewing goods have been renamed, replaced, and reorganized. I am so grateful for the new look and function in "the loft". Thanks Help You Dwell! You are the best!" 

— Kay S. (Knoxville)

"The thought of cleaning out my basement was overwhelming, but when Caroline Smith of Help You Dwell arrived, she immediately brought calm and order to the project at hand. Getting the basement in order was something I'd postponed for months (or maybe years) and she helped to make it a very manageable process that even had an element of fun! I discovered mementos, photographs and household items I had long forgotten. We threw away lots of trash, gave away several bags of items to non-profits and organized everything else in an easily accessible manner.  I then asked Caroline if she would help me tackle drawers and drawers of family photographs.  She came back for that project and upon completion, all the photos were organized and filed by year!  It's truly therapeutic to clean out and organize…I can think more clearly and I can use the space in my home more efficiently! I highly recommend Help You Dwell.

— Jicki C. (Nashville)

"Caroline and Taryn are amazing. Help You Dwell helped to turn my house into a home. Not only did they help me organize and decorate, but they enabled me to express my personality and taste while doing so. We are looking to sell our home soon, and we will definitely be using them again to stage our current home and decorate our new abode.

— Lindsey B. (Knoxville)

Help You Dwell helped restore my home office from the brink of chaos. As the stay at home mother of a very active toddler I am constantly on the go, with little time for organizing our lives. The unfiled paperwork in my home reached a level I couldn't even think about tackling, it was so overwhelming. I'm so thankful the gals at Help You Dwell were unfazed by the chaos, and knew exactly how to intervene. Caroline motivated and guided me through the process of sorting, filing, and discarding the unnecessary with patience and focused direction. And just when I thought we were done, she refreshed the space by changing up the layout, leaving me feeling like I had a bigger, brighter space. My office is now a peaceful place where I can retreat to keep our family organized.

— Sarah W. (Knoxville)