The Help You Dwell Packing Guide

I would like to think I'm naturally pretty good at packing for a vacation or trip but if we are being honest I occasionally forget something and I almost always over pack. Lately though, I've been using a few new tips that have proven to be really helpful. I began researching packing techniques and ideas in order to prepare for a trip that my husband and I along with 4 friends are taking this fall. Now that it's mid summer, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these tips.

1. If possible, I always try and pack in a bag that is small enough to stow as a carry on in order to avoid extra fee's but mostly because I have a huge fear of my bag being lost. I typically pack all of my favorite pieces of clothing when I go on vacation and like the fact that if I lose my bag it's my fault and no one elses.

2. The most obvious place to start in my mind is to think through the length of time I'll be gone. Will I have access to laundry facilities? What does the weather forecast look like? What is on my agenda while I'm gone? These practical pieces of information help me frame the amount of items and the type of clothing I take.

3. The most handy tip I have found thus far is to pack a neutral palate or a one color palate so that I can mix and match to create multiple outfits out of only a few garments. I try and add color with accessories since they often take up less room.

4. To avoid over packing the best tip I've found is to lay out each days outfit or to lay out everything I want to take and then eliminate one third of it. (Seriously guys, I over pack A LOT) If I can make myself think through what I actually need versus all of the things that I might want to wear, I end up packing pretty accurately.

5. There is much debate about how to pack clothing and the consensus seems to be that by rolling clothing items you can fit more in. In general I try not to pack my bag to the point that it's bulging and about to pop open but if we are talking efficiency-- rolling seems to be the way to go. I like to leave a little bit of room when I pack in case I purchase something on vacation that I want to bring home.

6. If you are like me, you have a million of those little grocery bags in a drawer in your kitchen. I always pack one so that I can keep my dirty clothing separate from my clean clothing.

7. My final tip is about carry on's. To me, one of the most important parts of traveling is packing for the actual journey. I always make sure to take a few books, phone/electronic chargers, medications, a few healthy snacks, an umbrella, pen and paper, cash, ear plugs, and some light face/or hand lotion (especially if I'm flying).



So we're curious-- do you have any fun trips coming up? Any other packing tips you suggest?