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Beaumont Magnet Academy Welcomes You

taryn mcLean

It's Back to School Time in Tennessee!


And what does that mean to Help You Dwell??  Well, for one it means that one-half of the HYD outfit has free childcare again.  But more exciting than that, it meant that HYD got to be part of the preparation process for Beaumont Magnet Academy on Beaumont Ave. here in Knoxville.  This summer Beaumont underwent an administration transformation to breathe life, order & hope into the teachers and students of this amazing Knox County Magnet School.  The three women leading this campaign, Dr. Daphne Odom, Ms. Missy Beltrand, & Ms. Tracy Marsh have a vision for success for Beaumont that is contagious as you spend any amount of time with them.



 Ms. Tracy Marsh, Asst. Principal,  Dr. Daphne Odom, Co-Principal,  Missy Beltran, Co-Principal

Ms. Tracy Marsh, Asst. Principal,  Dr. Daphne Odom, Co-Principal,  Missy Beltran, Co-Principal

Along with the exciting change in administration came the challenge of fitting three administrators into the spaces where only two had previously been.  After much consideration & a whole lotta furniture removal, HYD had these amazing ladies ready to roll.  And many thanks to the KCS painting staff for a stellar job on the walls.

The Beaumont administration also invited HYD to revive the front office space with color, organization & a welcoming atmosphere.  Since Beaumont Magnet Academy has a Fine Arts focus, HYD decided to bring life to the front office by showcasing the students' art right as you enter the school.  Our favorite find was the 30-foot long tapestry made by students several years ago that had been hanging out of sight.  It now hangs in the front office along with several other art pieces & a new lettering making staff, students, parents & guests feel welcomed as they enter.

This job was our longest yet.  We learned so much & enjoyed the process immensely.  It brought us such great pleasure to see the eyes of teachers & staff light up as they enter the front office.  HYD thanks all the Beaumont front office staff for your patience as we moved all your stuff, the encouragement you gave along the way & mostly your dedication to care for students.  You are all doing the work that matters.  Thank you!