welcome katie, our new teammate.

To be honest, my fan-girl-ing over Help You Dwell has been going on for 2 years. I just couldn't get over the admiration I had for the two (courageous) women that were brave enough to build a business while doing what they love and growing meaningful relationships along the way. I am a young (and sometimes creative) 24 year old girl that jumped at the idea of joining this power-squad. After college I somewhat randomly moved from my home state of North Carolina (hi mom & dad!) to Knoxville, TN and spent the past 2 years making a home for myself here in the scruffy city.

The lovely Naomi & Carl Zellers III. 

The lovely Naomi & Carl Zellers III. 

If you asked me when I was in elementary school what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would have been a news anchor... needless to say that dream faded when I realized how many people would be able to watch and see me make mistakes, on LIVE tv. No thank you! Since then, I've had jobs ranging from the Sample Lady at Costco all the way to Accounting. There are two common threads woven through all of the opportunities I've had; connection & order.

My roommates and I love a good porch swing. 

My roommates and I love a good porch swing. 


The Lord has been so abundantly faithful in providing mentors, friendship, and family-like relationships through the people I have worked for and with. To be loved and known by the people you work with, is not a guarantee. Yet, over and over again I can recount His kindness in providing this. My prayer is that these relationships and connections will be ever-deepening and expanding as His kingdom does. 


I've always loved arranging, re-arranging, and re-arranging again all the places I spend time. While doubts and insecurities told me that's a silly way to spend time and energy (aka muscles), I politely and boldly beg to differ with those lies. Where function and beauty meet- I wanna be all up in that. I think our Creator is fond of both things as well, I mean look at His Creation- full of function & beauty intertwined. 

To finish with a closing thought: There is something sacred about inviting others into your home and it takes courage to share the rooms that aren't quite perfect, the closets that explode when opened, and the sink full of dishes. But we forfeit deep connection when we only share our perfections (disclaimer: this is true for our homes as well as our souls).

This is where Help You Dwell comes in! It is actually our joy to help you put your belongings, memories and possessions in order. And to share a secret: this is a life-long, ongoing process.

Please raise your coffee mug (or margarita - Happy Cinco de Mayo!) with me - Cheers to our team growing from 2 to 3! And shoutout to Texture Photo for this fun photoshoot. I am so eager for how this adventure will unfold and how I will be shaped along the way. And for you who are reading this- I hope to meet you & spend time creating sacred spaces in your home.