A tiny home tour

photo by Julia Sale

photo by Julia Sale

This month we took a tour of the lovely home of Julia and Garrett Sale. If you've ever wanted to see the inside of a tiny house, here is your chance! We were so surprised at how roomy it felt!

Garrett and Julia got married this past May and after spending a month traveling around Europe for their honeymoon, they moved into their lovely tiny house and have been working to make it home ever sense. At just around 480 Sq. ft, they have made great use of all of their space while somehow managing to keep it feeling open and spacious.

In reference to their style, Julia and Garrett tend to gravitate towards mid century modern, clean lined shapes. Julia loves all things earthy and noted that she has to be intentional about pulling in color to mix things up. One of her favorite parts of the house?? The window over the sink :) As a self proclaimed nature lover and plant collector, she loves being able to look outside while doing menial chores like washing dishes.

One thing we always ask on home tours is what people's relationships to their belongings looks like. Julia's mom always says, "You can't take it to heaven with you". Julia said she used to be much more sentimental. Obviously there are items that she feels connected to but she's gotten better at purging when she doesn't need something anymore. Having a tiny house helps with that on a very practical level!

One of Julia's favorite items in their home is a small wooden frog instrument that Garrett bought on their honeymoon. She admitted that it has not always been her favorite as she initially thought it was a total waste of money but the memories it brings to mind have made it become one of her favorites.

Furnishing a house is a process. Even a tiny house! Julia shared that being creative and practicing patience have been helpful for them in terms of putting a home together. Many people can't just go out and buy a house full of furniture. Julia discovered that taking the time to really figure out what you like is helpful in creating a house that flows well together. With Pinterest and Instagram, it's easy to get caught up in just making your home look like everyone elses. When you take the time to step back and really ask yourself what you gravitate towards, you are likely to make your house more of your own and not a copy of something you have seen before. A few of her favorite shops for home goods, decor, and furniture are West Elm, World Market, and Mid Mod Collective

We all have favorite spots in our home, Julia loves their bathroom. For a tiny house, the bathroom is pretty big and she loves to make it feel as much like a spa as possible. She focuses on the little things-- stating that sometimes the details make all the difference. Lighting a candle, hanging dried eucalyptus, or buying a fluffy robe are all small ways to set ambiance.

I asked Julia what home means to her and loved her response. She laughed and prefaced-- 'this is going to sound so cheesy but my mom always says "Home is where the heart is" and I completely agree, any place feels like home with Garrett. '

When I asked Julia how she hopes people feel when they come to her home, she said "I want people to feel welcome- to feel like they can sit down and stay awhile. I always want to have a spot for people to sit because when you have a spot, you are more likely to feel like it's okay to stay awhile."

Thank you Julia and Garrett for opening up your beautiful home to us and to our readers!