what is "hygge"?


pronounced: /ˈhʊɡə/
origin: Danish
a quality of cosiness + comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment of well-being. 

Where did this concept come from?

US Ambassador of Denmark describes hygge as: "the felling you get around thanksgiving, like being cozy and being with other people". It is imperfect and very casual. Practicing hygge is more about how things feel than how they look. 

Charlotte Higgins, from the Insider describes it as "a feeling of calm togetherness and the enjoyment of simple pleasures, perhaps illuminated by the gentle flicker of candlelight." 

Listen to Tsh, from The Art of Simple and Erin Loechner talk about hygge on this podcast. 

What does it look like?

Photo from House Beautiful. 

Photo from House Beautiful. 

  • Hospitality.

  • Shared experience.

  • Being an inviting person in an inviting space. 

  • Creating a ritual, habit or space that allows you to enjoy the present moment. It isn't about striving for a specific style or look, but it is about being intentional with what you create space for in your space and mind. 

How can you incorporate this in your life and home? 

Wanna read more? Check out this book. 

Wanna read more? Check out this book. 

You might have a specific blanket, pair of sweatpants or coffee mug that you can describe as
hyggelig, meaning hygge-like. These are your things that induce coziness and calm for you. 

Bringing the outside in is very hygge. Incorporating natural elements in your home, creates a sense of life and growth. 

A way to engage in this way of being is by putting your devices down. Shifting our focus from a bright little screen - to the people and places around us, invites us to participate in the moment to moment. 

11 Ways to Make Your Life More Hygge according to Country Living. 

We love that hygge is not something that you can order online, or grab at Target. It is unique to your life, your family and the way you live. It takes a little thought and creativity to incorporate hyggee, comfort and coziness into your life. 

Blog image source: The Art of Simple