Need a reliable handy man & then some?


Even for those of us that may be handy around the house or have a spouse who is, some jobs we just don't have time for or may only know enough to be dangerous.

For all those jobs, we're so thankful for Anawim Spaces! Our long time friend and go to fixer-upper for many HYD clients, Bobby Whisman has been a reliable resource for us in our own homes as well as many clients through the years. His company takes great pride in offering services in three main categories: Home Renovations, Custom Fine Woodworking, and Handy Man Services.

Custom Treehouse

Custom Treehouse


We wanted to share a bit about his services with you in case you're thinking of remodeling, needing a custom piece of furniture, or maybe your kiddos have been hoping for that treehouse that you've just not gotten around to building. Bobby and his crew can make these things happen! 

Springtime is a great time to tackle some of these projects. 




HYD has used Anawim several times as clients are preparing their homes for the real estate market. Whether it's installing new light fixtures, updating a bathroom, or repairing an outdoor deck, Bobby and the team at Anawim can eliminate many of the obstacles potential homebuyers might see and get your home sold much more quickly.

To see more of Anawim's work, follow him on Instagram at @anawim_spaces or on Facebook.

Bobby's vision to "create spaces for community, family, and purposeful living" mirrors the core values here at Help You Dwell. We hope you'll give him a chance to help you in your space.

Anawim Spaces