money saving tips


Everyone loves saving a little money here and there, right? Check out our Money Saving Tips so you can start saving today!

Bottled Water: Spoiler alert: there is really NO difference between filtered tap water and bottled water. If you do prefer bottled water, buy a reusable glass bottle and refill it with filtered water! Bonus: less waste!

Mani/Pedis: Invite the girls over and do them yourselves.

Hair Treatment: Talk to your hairdresser about simpler ways to maintain your hair color or ask for partial coloring vs. full coloring. 

Cleaning Supplies: Dusting spray, Glass cleaner, Shower cleaner, Counter-top cleaner, Door knob cleaner. They are all essentially the same thing. Create your own cleaner with vinegar and water - vinegar cleans everything!  For wood, add a solution of water, olive oil and lemon essential oil. The olive oil seals the wood and the lemon essential oil still gives you that fresh smell. Bonus: These DIY's create non-toxic cleaning supplies!

Car-Wash: Even if you have to bribe your kids into vacuuming the car, cleaning your car at home is an easy money saver. 

Laundry: Switch your fabric softener out for reusable Woolen Dryer Balls

Landscaping: Mow your own lawn, plant your own flowers, rake your own leaves.

Individually Packaged Food: Buy in bulk! To create an easy-to-go snack, package your food into individual Tupperware that you already have on hand! You are literally paying for stuff you throw away when you buy individually packaged things! (ex: applesauce packages vs. buying a big container of applesauce that can be packaged in reusable containers)

Disposable Kitchen-Ware: Reuse, reuse, reuse. Use your actual ceramic dish ware and simply clean them and reused. Also be mindful of paper towels, plastic bags, and plastic baggies. There are other alternative options available that can be used time and time again.