A different kind of new year's resolution

The new year is often full of new goals, healthier habits, and resolutions. All of those things are good, but we have a different idea in mind for you as the year begins.

What if this year, instead of making your list of top 10 radical life changes, you decide to do one thing?

You decide to practice “waiting”.

Wait on committing to a bunch of new classes, groups, activities, or habits. Wait on that big purchase. Shoot—- wait on the little purchases. Wait before you dive into that new diet or that new habit, and make some time to take inventory.

Set aside an hour to reflect back on your year. Where have you been over the course of 2018? What did you love about it? What did you hate about it? What are you looking forward to, and what are you thankful to leave behind? Take some time to press pause, and give yourself one instruction. Not sure where to begin in that reflecting process?


Oftentimes, those hurried decisions, the ones we fail to think through in a moment of new year ambition, actually complicate things. There is so much pressure to solve all of your year’s problems by starting out on the “right foot”. Yes, having a fresh start can be nice, but we encourage you to intentionally enter into that.

Press pause, and take some time to breathe. Rest. Regroup. Take a nap. Process. And after, yes, AFTER you wait, think in terms of intentions rather than resolutions.

Image by  Ann Voskamp

Image by Ann Voskamp