When shopping becomes a hobby...

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As organizers, we spend a lot of time thinking about stuff. What to do with it, why we keep it, how we got it, why we continue to buy it... and the list goes on. We live in a culture of fast fashion, gimmicky marketing, and consumerism. If we are being honest, it's incredibly hard for anyone to not feel the the tug of "keeping up with the Joneses" from time to time. Goods are cheaply made and cheaply sold now a days, which makes it that much easier to purchase items that we don't need, won't last, and clutter up our homes.

Because so many goods are made in a foreign country, made cheaply, and mass produced, for the first time in history, prices are affordable enough to make shopping a hobby for people in America. Have you ever hopped in the car for a Target fix when you are bored? Have you ever had a long stressful day at work and then gone home to spend your evening online shopping and sipping a glass of wine? Over at HYD we are not above it--- we've totally been there. Shopping in America IS AN ADDICTION. It's fun, it takes your mind off of other things for the moment, it feels good, and there are endless options--especially if your finances allow you to shop without thinking about it!

We are trying hard to hold ourselves accountable and walking with clients who are trying to do the same. One HYD'er is taking a year off of shopping (inspired by this article), another is taking a new approach to keeping better tabs on spending and sticking to a budget, and others are simply trying to be more mindful about purchases.

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Whether you need to do something extreme or just be a bit more intentional, we encourage you to take the time to think through your vision for your home, your style, etc. When you get the urge to shop out of boredom or stress, hit pause and remind yourself of what you want for your home and your life. Over the last few years, a small shift has occurred where people have started to value quality a bit more than in the last few decades. The maker movement is making a come back and we couldn't be more excited! Working towards smarter, more quality purchases is a great goal!

We would love to hear what ways you are working to curb your shopping habits.

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