Creating an ongoing wish list

I often find that when my birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day comes around, I have such a hard time thinking of things that I would like to receive as a gift. I’m not alone when it comes to having a hard time thinking of gift ideas on the spot— enter the ongoing wish list. Whether you create a Pinterest board, a registry, or simply a list on your phone, having a specific place to keep track of items that you would like at a variety of price ranges can come in super handy. In the same spirit—- we’ve found that keeping a running list of things to gift to others makes birthdays and holidays much easier. If you hear a loved one mention off hand that they would love to have something or if you have an idea for someone when it’s not close to a gift giving time, jot it down in a note so that you have quick ideas when the time comes. Pay attention when you are out with friends and family and notice what they consider buying or linger over in various stores. Keeping these ongoing lists will reduce the stress and scramble when you remember 3 days before a birthday that you need to get a present for someone you love.

What about you? Do you keep an ongoing wish list? Here are a few things on ours if you want to see…

  1. These Linen and Cotton Bowl covers from Food 52. Double win— they are beautiful and help reduce single use plastic at the same time!


2. These awesome one of a kind wind chimes <3<3<3


3. Personalized address labels


5. These lovely watering cans from Terrain.