HYD on the road

Road Trip

HYD got to hit the road in May to head to one of the East's coolest towns, Asheville, NC.  We had quite a job ahead of us but the process and results were more amazing than we ever could've predicted.



Meet Jen.  Wife of a wonderful pastor, Mama of four incredible kids, inspiring musician, laugh out louder, lover of art, and keeper of lots and lots of things because, "Someday, someone might need that." 

She was gifted some organizing sessions from an aunt who loves her and knows her well and she chose HYD to help her get down and dirty to clear out and clean up.  Add to that a great hope of visiting a family in Colorado this summer but her family needs money for the trip. 

HYD Organizing session + $ need for trip = YARD SALE !

HYD spent about 16 hours over two days hauling, encouraging, bagging, listening, laughing, rearranging, sifting, laughing some more, saving and organizing the last 30 years of Jen and family's life.  It was awesome to say the least.  And I mean awesome in the true sense of the word, as Webster says "causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing."  She had no idea how much she'd acquired.  She also had no idea how much money she could make and the freedom she would experience in giving others the opportunity to buy it!  We just carried items from her basement and home straight to the front yard.  And after two days of selling items, the family made almost $1000!!

Jen and her family have experienced a monumental shift in how they will relate to the items they now have and items they will bring into their home in the future.  She just gave her own children the gift of seeing how our stuff can weigh us down and keep us feeling behind because we cannot organize it all.  Less is more.  Her keepsakes are now safely stored in designated containers but the "someday" items are someone else's "today" items that Jen no longer has to feel burdened by.

What a gift this job was to HYD.  We will forever be blessed and thankful for this first road trip.  Thanks Jen and Mark for letting us Help You Dwell.