Meal Planning: Organize your Life

Fact: I'm way more likely to be organized if there is a cute and stylish way to do it. For instance.....this notepad from Anthropologie. (Which happens to be on sale for $4.95!!!)


If we are being really honest, most weeks I do not meal plan. In fact, the first time I ever tried was about a year ago. I'm getting better at it and the benefits seem to keep coming.

1. I only have to go to the grocery store 1-2 times a week rather than everyday before I cook.

2. I'm saving money.

3. I'm not wasting as much food.

The catch is setting aside the time it takes to sit down and look at my schedule, figure out which nights I need to cook, who I'm cooking for,  how much prep time I have, and what to make. In the long run I know it saves time because I'm not running back and forth to the grocery store multiple times a week.

I try and cook 3 times during the week. Most nights I'll make enough to have leftovers as a meal for the next night. If you are like me you have a never ending board on my  Pinterest  page of really yummy looking dishes to choose from. I usually start there, on Pinterest and narrow down my selection by the time it takes and the overall health benefits of the dish. I have started editing the captions on my pins to include the date that I make something for the first time, thoughts, recipe alterations and whether I would make it again. If it turns out horribly I delete the pin.

I'm really curious. Do you meal plan? Have you ever tried it? What did you think?