the nesting place

a gem for your bookshelf

We certainly hope that as the summer sets in, you can find time to indulge in some leisurely reading. Pick a sunny spot at the pool or your favorite comfy chair at home and create some mental space to unravel. Introducing one of our favorite reads...

The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith

Why we love it?

  • It's not full of crazy unattainable design ideas that will break the bank.
  • It is full of concepts to create more functional and organized living space. 
  • She's real; which is refreshing in a social media atmosphere saturated with seemingly "perfect" people and homes.
  • It's not only relevant to homeowners; she speaks to renters as well. 
  • We say a big AMEN to the "Have a Seat" chapter, all about rearranging and redecorating using the pieces you already have in your home
  • She's got great design taste! 

Who loves The Nesting Place? 

  • Ann Voskamp: "Brilliant... this is one wise, real, winsome book you can't put down." 
  • Shauna Niequist: "This book made me look at every room in my house differently." 
  • Emily Freeman: "If you have ever felt like you're waiting for your next place to be the home you've always dreamed of, I beg you to read this encouraging, personal, hilarious book and let the Nester change your mind." 
  • Help You Dwell: "The perfect mix of inspiration, beauty and practical ideas for any living space. And it looks good on your coffee table!"


Some of  The Nester's  recent treasures. 

Some of The Nester's recent treasures. 

Another fun idea from The Nester's blog... beauty hunting. What is "beauty hunting"? The Nester defines it like this: "Beauty Hunting is thrilling, it’s like an act of rescue, I feel like I’m part of a SWAT team to find lovely things in the midst of a bunch of weird stuff." Check out other people who are #onthebeautyhunt - Now, that is something we can get on board with! Some places to begin your beauty hunting in Knoxville: KARM, AMVETS Thrift Store, Community Chest of Knoxville, and Nostalgia on McCalla. What are some of your favorite places to find pieces for your home? 

So a few ideas for you this summer...

  1.  Pick up your copy of The Nesting Place.
  2. Stop chasing perfection, it just ain't real. #idhtbptbb
  3. Start your own beauty hunt. Happy hunting!