How much will my project cost?

After our consult, we will provide an estimate for your project(s). The process is different for each client due to the fact that some people are very quick decision makers while others need more time to think through the purging process. Our goal is to move at a pace that is comfortable for you and your budget.

Do you have a confidentiality policy?

Yes. We know that it can feel intimidating to invite someone into your home and ask for help. We understand that you are trusting us with a part of your world and we take that seriously. Whether we are organizing your file cabinet or your closet, we keep all of our our client’s and their information confidential.

Do I need to purchase containers and supplies?

We prefer to do the purging and the bulk of the sorting process prior to purchasing containers so that you don't have to return things at the end. We always aim to work with what you have but if supplies are needed, we will help you find the best options. Some of our clients prefer to buy their own containers, while others prefer for us to pick them out and purchase them. We are happy with whichever way is more convenient for you.

Do I have to be home when you are here organizing?

Not necessarily. Depending on the nature of the job and the client’s preference, our team can work independently or alongside a client. Either way, we do not give away or throw away anything without the client’s consent.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, cash, credit card, bank transfer, and Venmo.

Do you service my area?

Most of our clients are in the greater Knoxville area and surrounding counties, but our team is available to travel as well.