Meet Our Vendors Pt. 2

Ericka Ryba, Eric Savage, Blair Wright, and Laura Cottrell

Ericka Ryba, Eric Savage, Blair Wright, and Laura Cottrell

We are less than 2 weeks away from our Holiday Market and we are blogging today to announce the rest of our vendors.

Meet Ericka! We share a booth with her at Nostalgia on McCalla and often have a really hard time not buying everything she puts in it. Ericka is one of those people who has the golden touch--we are convinced that she is good at everything. Ericka sells her handcrafted goods under the name of Providence Road. In Ericka's words about the name Providence Road, " It actually started on a real road that I lived on from ages 3 mos. to 8 years old. Almost fifteen years later, and not a very direct route, I landed in Providence, RI. I remained in Providence through my post college years, abandoned my carrer trajectory, and started working on an organic farm. Thinking this was my destiny, I moved back down South to start a farm. Well...ten years later I'm back in school studying art and letting creativity reign. I love where I've been and am excited about where I am going (wherever that may be). Providence Road to me is the culmination of everything I've learned so far about the world and about myself. "

We have had the pleasure of knowing  Eric for several years through church. Eric could do stand up or have his own sitcom if he wanted to but we are glad he hasn't left Knoxville for stardom. Eric learned carpentry from his dad and they began making furniture together a few years ago. We love the headboard he posted on instagram several months ago.

If its old, wooden and architectural, Blair loves it.  He travels to the northeast for his real job but his passion is finding and repurposing architectural salvage and vintage furniture.   He brings things home you don't see often in East Tennessee.  He cleans them up and sometimes makes new things with them.  Corbels, balusters, newel posts and more are what you'll see from White Station Architectural Finds.

We met the lovely Laura Cottrell at church and have loved getting to know her over the past year. Laura is a mommy of two and somehow still manages to find time to create all kinds of art. We are particularly excited about her recipe paintings and her fall themed banners. I shamelessly bought about 10 of her handmade ornaments last Christmas...don't judge me.