Thanksgiving Prep Time

Three Thursdays from today is Thanksgiving and HYD wants to help you get ready!

We know that spending time with all the people you share this meal with can bring great joy or may have it's own challenges. Either way, being prepared will make Thanksgiving more enjoyable for everyone! Today we're focusing on the main event of the day, the meal . Getting a game plan for the meal in place now; finding recipes, cleaning linens, inviting any extra guests, and then finally scheduling when to shop and cook are all things that can be done ahead of time and you can have control over.

As always, HYD likes to help make your planning pretty. We found this cute downloadable Thanksgiving checklist designed by Jessica Reed Designs for Kristen Duke at Capturing Joy. It's a great place to start your meal planning and starting now let's you be a bit more creative with your food choices. Grab a few magazines off the shelf this week or search around on Pinterest to see what's new for the Thanksgiving table this year that might be a new tradition for your family.

While cooking is not really HYD's specialty, we do know the great benefits of getting it done ahead of time. If cooking is your specialty, but preparing your home is not - that's where we really shine. Let us know if you need any help!  

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