Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 2

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Source Unknown

Do a little something today that your future self will thank you for.

It's week two in our Spring Cleaning campaign.  The warm weather is creeping in, daffodils & crocus are popping up and step-by-step you're moving to more order and peace in your home.

Last week we focused on ordering our bathroom closet & tidying up our email inbox.  Keeping it simple and achievable, this week we move to our bedroom closet and the kitchen.

this week's challenge

1.  Donate or consign all your fancy dresses you bought for that one occasion and said, "I'll wear that again" and never did.  Repeat Boutique in West Knoxville is a great option if you choose to consign.  If you choose to donate, you may have a friend that comes to mind that might love to get your fancy dress or any of the local thrift shops would gladly welcome your donation.

2.  Take everything out from under your kitchen sink, clean the cabinet and put back only what you use regularly.  No tricks here.  Just keep it simple.