styling your guest bedroom

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday drawing near, some of the most important and special moments are spending that time with friends and family. HYD is here to help you pull together your guest bedroom so your guests are sure to feel right at home.


Some great simple items to add include:

1. Throw: It doesn't matter if it's folded up nicely or draped over the bed, an extra throw is sure to keep them cozy & warm.
2. Good Book: Something that showcases your personality and makes your guest feel extra welcomed.
3. Table Lamp: Table lamps not only make a statement in a guest bedroom, but also provide your guest with enough or as little light as they may need.
4. Coasters: Not only can coasters double as a pretty accent for your bedside tables, they will also protect them.
5. Candle: Keep the room smelling great with you favorite scent!
6. Tooth Brush: Just in case they forget theirs!
7. Hand Cream: It is winter after all.
8. Wifi Sign: For ease of access & right at their fingertips for any device they may have with them.
9. Notepad: It's always handy to have a notepad to jot down notes. Don't forget the pen!
10. Fresh Flowers: Succulents are great options, as they require minimal care, but you can never go wrong with fresh flowers. You may also be able to walk into your backyard and pull together an arrangement. 

Whether your guest bedroom is fully decked out, or as minimal as they come, welcoming your guest with open arms never goes out of style.