Yes you can.


Four ways to find success this weekend.

1. The paper pile on your kitchen counter? 

You can sit down this Saturday morning and go through it. Trash, File/Put away, To do. Those are you three categories. Then:

  • Toss the trash
  • File the keepers
  • Put the hammer where it belongs
  • Pay the bills or fill out the forms

2. The bags or boxes of items to be donated? 

You can make one more 15 minute round through the house, add a few more items to the bag, load them in your car Friday morning and drop them off on your way to the grocery store or on your lunch break.

3. The toy room overflowing with unneeded toys that other kids would love? 

You can grab your kiddos on Saturday afternoon, tell them they have a special opportunity to let go of their toys for other kids less fortunate by picking out 5-10 toys, place them in a box, and the nice men & women at the closest donation site of your choice will take care of the rest.

4. The bathroom closet/medicine cabinet with expired meds, unused beauty products, and scattered items?

You can get a trash bag to fill with the unusable items, purge any products that friends or family might like, and see what’s left. Once you know what you have, it’s easy to pick up containers like these from Target to contain items just the way you need and add a label to the front to make things easy to find!

Here are four little ways to make a big difference in your living space. They may not seem like much reading them on this blog, but trust us, we have experienced it personally and with clients time and time again.

Remember it only takes one little rock to start an avalanche. Who knows what organizing one small space in your home or workspace could lead to?

As always, if these tasks sound just like what you need but time is limited, HYD would be honored to help you along your journey to order in your space. 

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