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Help You Dwell is a home and workspace organizing service based in Knoxville, Tennessee.


cord control

taryn mcLean

We all have cords we use every daily. These essential pieces of technology can get lost in the bottom of our bags, tangled together, or lost very easily. Think through the various cords you might need on any given day: headphones, phone charger, computer charger, and many more. If we aren't careful about how we store our cords - they can get the best of us, cause frustration and take unnecessary time to deal with. 

Solution: Cord Tacos. 

These hand made leather "cord tacos" have been the best fix for my cord disorganization. The two sizes are helpful for the different cords we need to keep with us. Not to mention, they are so pretty! 

Joyner Avenue was at the Retropolitan Craft Fair last weekend along with other makers and artists. They have a passion for their goods and make beautiful and functional products in Asheville, NC. 

Check them out! 

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View more products by Joyner Avenue