good, better, best on rug placement

Photo by: Mieke Tacken // Image:

Photo by: Mieke Tacken // Image:

There is really no wrong way to place a rug. It is truly up to the dweller on what fits their lifestyle and look.  But, if you need a little help getting started, HYD's resident Interior Designer has put together this quick guide and some helpful tips. So don't worry, we've got you and your floor... covered.


When it comes to laying rugs in the living room, a great rule of thumb is to always have the two front legs of your furniture on the rug. This keeps the furniture grouped together and gives the overall space a better feel.

Living Room - Don't, Better, Best.png


In the dining room, all four legs of the chairs should fit on the rug. This makes scooting in and out of your chair more feasible. 

Dining Room - Don't & Best.png


Think of when you first wake up in the morning and what you what your feet to hit first. We recommend a rug first!

Bedroom Rug - Good, Better, Best.png

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