What is "Stitch Fix"?

What is Stitch Fix?

The simplest answer is: an online subscription and personal shopping service in the United States. They put in the work of styling an outfit for you behind the scenes. Then it ends up on your door step. Pretty clever and convenient, right? We wanted to try it out because we are dedicated to bringing simplicity and intention to even your wardrobe. 

How does it work?

3 easy steps: 1- Fill Out a Style Profile, 2- Request a Fix Delivery, 3- Keep What You Want.

The process was in depth without feeling endless. They gather the information once, to be able to meet your needs over and over again. Their hope is to save their customers time and money. They have developed a system that streamlines the shopping process and provides you with a few fresh clothing pieces that you might not have found on your own. 

The Cost:

You pay $20 stylist fee, but this payment goes toward any items of clothing that you decide to keep & purchase. It's a minimal investment to get a feel for their process and see if it is a good fit for you. 

Image via  Stitch Fix .

Image via Stitch Fix.

Our Review:

Stitch Fix has really fine tuned their process to be as painless and simple as possible. It was convenient and fun! Enjoying items that were specifically picked for you, can be such a treat. Shopping can feel overwhelming and burdensome as far as time, money and energy go. Another perk is that they put together an entirely new outfit for you, even if you don't choose to keep each piece - they've provided a fresh look from top to bottom. We can all so easily get in a style rut with the clothing we have. Their packaging was pretty and simple, everything was delivered in great condition and their instructions are very easy to follow. Overall, even if you don't keep any of the items in your Fix, it is a fun experience. We really enjoyed getting to see new brands, and items we don't typically see in most department stores. The downside: if you are a bargain shopper and love to search for the best deal - this might not feel as satisfying to you. If you also love to browse endless aisles and racks of different options - this could feel limiting to you. 

What are your experiences with online clothing/style subscriptions?