Pros and Cons of Decanting

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When it comes to pantry organization, there is wide debate about whether or not to decant your food. We always aim to find out what works best for each client and it works for some people but not for everyone. If you are on the fence or wondering whether or not decanting is a good option for you, this list of pro's and con's may be helpful in determining what's best for your home and your family.


  • If you shop in bulk, you can take your empty jars to the store and skip a box/bag. Often times purchasing food in bulk is cost effieciant AND you have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly by skipping the packaging.
  • Unlike a cereal box or other opaque packaging, in a jar or decanter you can more easily keep track of your supply of food. No more scrambling to the grocery store after discovering that the box you thought was full, is nearly empty.
  • Decanting makes for a prettier, more streamlined pantry. If your pantry is open to the kitchen or highly visible, this is a great option.
  • If you purchase air tight containers, they often keep food items fresh for a longer period of time than the packaging they come in.
  • Decanting often makes it easier to better utilize your space. By eliminating bulky bags and boxes, you can fit more into your pantry. By using different shapes and sizes of containers, you often have the ability to stack items and fit more on each shelf.
Image and containers from  Ikea

Image and containers from Ikea

Image from  Nordic Bliss  containers from Ikea

Image from Nordic Bliss containers from Ikea


  • Decanting is nice but it's not necessary. If you are trying to simplify your time, taking food out of original containers to put in matching decanters is an extra step that may not be worth it.
  • Depending on your containers, sometimes glass or large plastic decanters are heavy and harder for children to handle. If you want your little ones to have access to certain items, decanting them may make it more difficult for your kiddos to get their own snacks.
  • Remembering expiration dates becomes more difficult. If you refill a jar before it's totally empty, you will be mixing food with different "use by" dates. While some people opt to write expiration dates with dry erase markers on the outside of the container, it gets more complicated when you mix dates by refilling.
  • You no longer have easy access to ingredient lists, health facts, or directions.
  • Decanters cost money and sometimes a lot of money depending on how many containers and what types of containers you choose to purchase.

We would love to hear from you! Do you decant your food? Have you found any additional pro's or con's?