Home (away from home) Tour

This month, Katie and her husband went on a trip to Hawaii. With the wonderful convenience of Airbnb, she and her husband found a dreamy (and affordable) island escape that we are excited to share with you! Imagine natural beauty, fresh warm air, and wild frogs croaking as you fall asleep. 

The east side of the Big Island of Hawaii is lush and full of tropical vegetation. The rain forest and jungle vibes are the perfect backdrop for this Balinese Style eco-hut. It's clear that the owners and designers put so much intention and thought into the design. The name of this eco-hut: "Lemongrass". The home is minimal yet eclectic and extremely comfortable. From the materials they used to the layout of the space, you can see clearly that this was a labor of love and that they use the space efficiently. 

Enjoy these snapshots of the "Lemongrass"!

Why we love this tropical getaway? 

The Kitchen

Simple design, gas stove, water filter, french press coffee, prep area, vertical wall storage for pots and pans, local spices, just enough space for two! 

No Wasted Space

Every corner had a function, but it didn't feel cluttered. They managed to incorporate a kitchen, dining space (with an unobstructed jungle view), queen bed, and a bathroom sink & toilet in a 20x12 structure while managing to create an open and airy feel. 

Limited Wifi 

They offered wifi on a schedule of 8 am - 8 pm. This is crucial for guests as they may still need to research and plan aspects of their trip while there. But the schedule also provided unplugged time that allowed us to truly disconnect from the internet and really be present. 

Sights & Sounds

Falling asleep to the chorus of local frogs croaking and the intermittent breaking of ocean waves was like having your own custom noise machine. Birds start singing their songs as early as warm sunlight started to color the sky.

Where are your favorite vacation spots?
Have you used Airbnb for your travels?
What do you look for in vacation rentals? 

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