Tips For Your Upcoming move

It's Spring time in Knoxville which means that many home owners will be preparing to put their houses on the market. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, moving is a huge job! We've gathered our tried and true tips to share with you to make your move as seamless as possible.

moving truck.jpg

Step 1: Come up with a plan. If you have a deadline; the end of a lease, a closing date etc, give yourself plenty of time to move well. Secure a moving company. Set goals to stay on track so that you won't be stressed at the last minute. Make a list of services that you will need to transfer to your new home and turn off at your current home. If you plan to do the packing yourself, set goals to keep yourself on track. If you need packing assistance, go ahead and give us a call so that we can help you with your packing plan! Check out the graphic we created below to get on the right track.

Step 2: Staging. If you are selling your house, your process may look different depending on whether or not you plan to stage your house. Some people stage their homes with their own furniture while others opt to have a staging service bring in furniture. Some folks chose to show their home without any furniture. If you plan to stage using your own furniture, you will want to pack the clutter, but leave just enough out, so that your home still feels warm and lived in. If you aren't sure what should stay and what should go, we can help with that too!

Step 3: Packing. Packing up a home happens in many stages. Before you even begin packing, we always suggest that you purge. Why move something that you don't want or need to keep? We recommend that you begin by packing up the items that you won't need to use prior to your move. Books, decor, photos, memories, extra linens, out of season clothes, etc. can all typically be packed weeks ahead of your move as they are less likely to be needed. For items that are not specific to a certain person or room (like decor or books), we recommend that you pack by item rather than by room. For example, instead of packing up your whole living room, pack boxes of similar items. Gather all of your decor and pack all of it together. When you pack this way, you may find that in your new house, you use decor from your old living room in a totally new way or new room. We recommend color coordinating and labeling boxes that go in certain rooms. For example, placing a blue sticker on every box that needs to go into your son's room will make it easier for movers to keep track. Tape a blue piece of paper to your sons door in the new house so that movers can easily identify where each box goes. Having a system in place will make your move go quickly and will keep you free to do things other than answer questions about the placement of each box as it's brought in. 

Step 4: Preparing for the first week. Pack for your first week in the new house like you are going on a trip. Anything you will need that first week needs to be easy to find and accessible. Think linens for your beds, clothes for the first few days, toiletries, daily medications, etc. Also, it never hurts to have a stash of disposable or plastic dishes, silverware and cups for your first few days in case you don't have time to unpack immediately.

Step 5: Preparing for the day of the move. We always recommend that you move any valuable jewelry, cash, and prescriptions that you have, yourself. There are a lot of people in and out of your home during a move and these items are easy for you to stash in your own car and drive over yourself. Need someone to help you manage the movers and other service providers? HYD would love to be there for your move to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Check out our move management page here for more information!