Keys to a peaceful summer

A big hooray for students, teachers, volunteers and parents who worked hard this school year!

Kids have been counting down the days; eagerly awaiting pool play time, road trips, and freedom to roam the neighborhood day & night. While summertime is sweet it can also add some chaos to our homes and cars. Here are a few tips to keep peace in your home & car this summer while the fun summer activities ensue!

  1. Fill a small tote with the summer outdoor essentials and keep it in your garage or laundry room (easy access to grab and go). Fill it with these items: outdoor/picnic blanket, sunscreen, bug spray, band aids, frisbee, and the ever useful Eno hammock. 
  2. Designate a section of the pantry and refrigerator for kids snacks and drinks. Make sure to pick an easily accessible shelf for your kiddos. These snacks and drinks will take up more room in the summer than they do during the school year, so it saves everyone from clutter and hunting for the right snack to designate a specific shelf. 
  3. Plan some free family fun - check out these local hikes from Outdoor Knoxville. Be sure to check the weather forecast, grab some snacks & hit the trail together. This is a great alternative to more expensive indoor activities. You could even incentivize the hike by allowing your kids to invite a friend if they consistently keep up with their chores around the house for a week straight! 
  4. Check out the Children's Festival of Reading hosted by the Knox County Public Library. This Saturday, May 21 is the free kick off event at 10:00 AM! The library is a great resource to continue education and reading throughout the summer, especially on those rainy days.

Happy summer to you!