Today, grace.

It's Thursday.
HYD would love to share a tidbit of organizing wonder or a story filled with real life goodness.

Image by: Watercolor Devo

But, instead... you're getting a confession. It's too-late o'clock and my body and brain are ready to call it quits. I started to dig down deep and pull together something worth reading, but my dear husband suggested I give our readers the truth instead. He's real smart like that.

First of all, my season is one I wouldn't trade for the world. I've got a three school-age, active, healthy, fun-loving, tree climbing, soccer ball kickin', musical, gymnastic-ing, fort-building, craft making, treasure collecting, sleepover having kids. My minivan tears up the K-town roads like you wouldn't believe. Many days it's full of kids until 8am, then discarded items from clients until 3pm, then kids again until the last lesson, practice, meeting, or carpool drop-off has finished.

I mean that too about not wanting to trade this season for anything. I truly do love watching these kiddos grow into their own unique individuals. I thank God I get to be present for so much of it. And with that, I say thank you for the grace to let this be HYD's post for the week. The last couple of weeks have been so full of kids and clients, that my time at my computer just didn't happen.

I also want to extend that same grace to you today. You're off the hook. Real life happens. And the good news is, there's always tomorrow.