guest room

Top 10 ways to create a comfortable yet chic guest room

I don't know about you but one thing I can really appreciate is a well thought out guest room. It's amazing how the little things can make such a huge difference in whether a stay is memorable in a good way or a bad one. We have come up with a list of our top tips in creating the ideal space for guests and we would love to share them with you.

1. Whether your guest room has it's own bathroom or whether guests share a bathroom with others in your home, towels can sometimes be a little vague. To make things clear, set out a full set of towels in the guest room so that it's obvious. While it isn't necessary to break the bank on towels for guests, a good set of plush and nicely folded towels does the trick.

2. A folding luggage rack is a simple way to help guests stay organized and makes the room look as if you have prepared for guests to come.

3. Sometimes falling asleep in a bed that's not your own is hard. We suggest stocking guest rooms with a few magazines and a book of short stories. Good bedside lighting is also important.

4. The ideal guestroom is furnished with extra toiletries just in case your guest forgot to pack something. Having a few extra toothbrushes, travel sized toothpastes, shampoos etc on hand is always appreciated.

5. Depending on your relationship with a guest, some people feel free to grab a snack or a drink from the kitchen if they want one and others don't. Just in case, setting out a few bottles of water and some fresh fruit or snack bars is a thoughtful gesture.

6. If your guestroom has closet space, leave a few wooden hangers in case guests have hanging clothes that they don't want to get wrinkled.

7. Let's talk about the bedside table. I always appreciate having an alarm clock. It's nice to not have to fish around for my phone to figure out what time it is. Additionally, a box of tissue is always a good idea.

8. In today's world where most of us have smart phones which means most of us have the notepad feature, a pen and paper are not necessities but I still think it's nice to keep some in a drawer in the guestroom just in case.

9. A scented candle (don't forget matches) is a great way make a room feel more inviting. I love walking into a room that smells nice. A lavender scent is good for a guest room as it has calming effects.

10. Finally, fresh flowers add a nice touch to a guest room and make guests feel celebrated when they arrive.



How about you? Any tips to add or any "what not to do" stories to share?