Party Supplies Simplified

The beginning of summer seems to be a season full of parties, showers and get togethers. We celebrate the end of another school year, kids’ sports teams see the end of their seasons, and we say hello to the exciting beginning of summer adventures. As your schedule fills up with fun events, your home may end up being the location for a party or two. What do you really need in order to host a gathering in your space?

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Hosting Essentials:

Photo by  @helpyoudwell

Photo by @helpyoudwell

Mason jars - use them as drinking glasses or to hold silverware and toppings.

Disposable silverware - try bamboo biodegradable utensils or a neutral-colored plastic set.

Napkins - If they are event-specific, purchase only as many as you’re sure you’ll need; use cloth napkins for smaller gatherings to avoid waste.

Versatile serving trays - don’t be afraid to pull out the fancy items — use what you have.

Party playlist - pick a genre, or make your own custom playlist to fit the mood.

Practical Tips:

Photo by  @helpyoudwell

Photo by @helpyoudwell

Choose decor you can reuse.

Borrow linens from a friend or neighbor.

Fresh flowers or greens can bring some life to the table.

Less is more. Don’t go overboard with trinkets and decorations.

Allow others to help. You don’t have to do it all yourself.

Take the pressure off of yourself! What’s more important - the gathering of people you appreciate in a space you love, or that everything is “perfect” in your presentation and hosting? Don’t become so preoccupied with how it all looks that you miss out on the joy of spending time with people you appreciate and enjoy.

Happy hosting! And if there’s a mama friend that you love, that does her fair share of hosting - we can help her get a handle on those party supplies and hosting areas of the home.

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