your favorite nook.

Last week, we launched the "HYD Fall Challenge" and our hope was to inspire you to conquer the closets in your home one at a time. However, we realize we may have been asking a lot of you to show us your perfected linen closet in just 3 short days!

So this week, we are going to keep it simple. 

We want you (our friends & followers) to post a photo of one of your favorite areas, corners, nooks or spaces in (or outside) your home that you enjoy "dwelling" inIt doesn't have to be fancy or perfect. Then tag us - @helpyoudwell ! 

One random person will be chosen to win a free HYD Canvas Tote. You've got nothing to lose & we'd love to see some of your favorite spaces. We'll still share some tips on organizing another closet, but as far as the "HYD Fall Challenge"... the pressure is off.

Week 2: Coat Closet 

Where to start?

  • Pull everything out. All the jackets, umbrellas, shoes, hats & scarves, and whatever else might have made a home here. 

  • Sort into categories. Discard: don't be ashamed if you find a few things that should be thrown away. Donate: old jackets, hats and scarves that you won't wear this year. Relocate: the jackets that should go into individuals closets, items that belong in the garage, anything that might be more useful to have in the laundry room. Keep: the jackets, umbrellas, hats and boots that make the most sense in this closet for you and your family. 

  • Before putting the keep items back in the coat closet, take time to imagine and visualize the coat closet of your dreams. These photos might inspire you. 

What you need? 

  •  Hangers

  • Bins or tubs (various sizes, whatever works for you and your items)

  • Hooks for the back of the closet door (umbrellas, children's backpacks, hats) 

  • Shoe organizer (rack, hanging shoe organizer, boxes on a shelf)

*Keep in mind, these are all optional. We just made a list to get you thinking of the possibilities. As always, we encourage using what you have instead of purchasing a bunch of new things.

How to maintain? 

  • Let your people know. Show them the changes that have been made. Tell them what goes where and what does not go in this newly refreshed coat closet. 

  • Re-visit monthly or seasonally. Put a calendar reminder on your phone to gently nudge you to spend a few minutes sprucing up the closet, or discarding unused items. This way, you are enjoying your organized coat closet all year around!

If there are areas in your home, garage, or office that you just haven't gotten around to organizing... we'd be happy to help. Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule your free consultation! 



Making Your Own Nook

Here in Knoxville, many of us have spent more time indoors lately.  It's been quite the wintry world in East Tennessee.  I have enjoyed several snowy walks and my kids have racked up the miles on the sleds but much of our time has been in the house. 

With all the time inside, I've so appreciated having that special spot to retreat to when I need a little breather from all the folks here all day. 

Do you have that spot?

It doesn't take much really.  Just a chair or seat of some sort, a reading lamp, a blanket, a small table, & a few of your favorite things.  Each of us have those few items that make a spot ours.  For me, there's a little plant, some homemade "mommy" items from my kids, a pic of my daddy with my brother & I as kids, my favorite business card of the month, and always... my journal & the Word just to name a few.  I'm so thankful to also have a built-in bookcase nearby filled with other fun items that inspire me & are available when the mood strikes.

Below are some thoughtful posts that might help to nudge you into getting your space just right.  Or maybe it's a space for your child to read, imagine or just feel safe & quiet.  I found a couple of ideas for the littles too.  Anyway, we'd love to hear any other ideas you may have.  What has worked for you or for your family?

1. Kara Tippetts' "Corner Nook" is just enough & not too much when she needs it most...

2. Kate Pruitt for Design Sponge posts fabulous pictures of Lora Neveu's window seat nook that she designed for her daughter.  A little more work involved, but well worth the effort for the results.

This master bedroom nook by Courtney Fernan is a simple example of just a few items that make the spot just cozy enough.  She also links where all the items were purchased.

For the littlest ones, Jen with Mama.Papa.Bubba. gives us a great idea to encourage reading & quiet time from an early age.  Just a few pillows, a spot for books & a fun curtain & you're ready to go!