everyone meet allie, our newest teammate!


I am so excited to be working with Help You Dwell. I am an organizer at heart and have been exploring the world of perfecting, rearranging, and reordering for years, so what other job could suit me more? I began dabbling in professional organizing this year when I started my company Settled Spaces. I couldn’t believe that this was an actual possibility for a job. I'm glad to now share my love with the team at HYD. 

Being young and out of college, I am glad that organizing has given me the ability to combine a profession with a lifestyle. I’m happy to begin my career life working in an environment that engages my strengths and pushes me to grow in them. Helping others experience harmony in their lives is the most joyful part of organizing to me. 

Okay, a little bit about me: I love dancing and I love seeing movies IN theaters.

Allie & her family at her wedding. 

Allie & her family at her wedding. 

Someone once asked a group of us, “What is your favorite place in the whole world?” People said their grandparent’s house, the ocean, or the mountains. My favorite place in the world? The dance floor. I don't know of any other place where I feel so alive and full of joy, fully in the present moment, loving life, and so happy. Seriously! As for movies, I was totally conditioned by my parents to love them when I was young, since they would often go see movies back to back and my mom would arrive an hour early “to get good seats”. 

My need for perfection and order can sometimes be my greatest fault. However, as it goes, it’s also one of my greatest strengths. It’s something that has always been within me. I was a gymnast, so we were literally scored from the perfect 10.0 and received deductions for moves that weren’t perfect: a wobble, a bent leg, a wrong step, a fall. Also, when I was young, like the other HYD ladies, I would consistently be changing the floor plan of my room, the system for my dresser and getting rid of the junk that was under my bathroom sink. Basically, perfection is in my DNA. 

Allie and her husband Taylor. 

Allie and her husband Taylor. 

Again, SO thrilled to be working with this company and thankful for all that they stand for : ) 

welcome cassandra....

1.5 years ago this small town mid-west girl up and moved her life to East Tennessee for a job. I currently work at Blackberry Farm as a Junior Interior Designer, but that is only where the story begins. 

Image by  Texture Photo

Image by Texture Photo

I started chasing this dream with one goal in mind: to get out of Kansas. I had no idea I would  fall so in love with Knoxville, TN and the people it has brought into my life.

My love for design became more than a hobby when I was in college. It wasn't until I was three years in and crying my way through pre-med classes that I knew something had to give. With a little help from a best friend, I switched majors and never looked back. I graduated with a small group of girls with a Bachelor degree in Interior Design and a minor in Construction Management. Space planning, simple, yet functional spaces, and tiny houses are where my true love for design soars.

I always thought the west part of the country was where I'd land, but the second I got the call to move to East Tennessee I knew God had much bigger plans for me than I could have ever imagined. When I stumbled across HYD I knew this was it. This was my passion, my goals, dreams, the whole reason I got into design; to help others. To help the everyday person find comfort, ease, and happiness within their home with a bit of rearranging, re-purposing, and overall function of their space. 

In my free time, you can find me trying to save my plants from dying, adventuring into the Smoky Mountains, or more than likely, cleaning up dog hair from my two husky pups.

I can not thank the #girlbosses of HYD enough for helping me pursue this dream alongside them. I hope you will too! 

sidenote: I have to give a shout-out to my husband. Not only did he follow me across the country but within the last year we have purchased a house, gotten married & enjoyed every minute of life together in our new home. ah, life is good.