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pantry inspiration

Caroline Smith

When you're in a space that makes you feel happier, you tend to feel a little more inspired...and maybe even a little more motivated. A great place to enjoy these things is a tidy pantry. I don't know about you, but when each kitchen utensil, appliance, and food item is in it's rightful place  it motivates us to not only eat healthier but enjoy being in the kitchen! 

Today we are sharing a few pantry inspirations to inspire a happier pantry.

Switching your stock pantry items into glass jars is a great way to display your food. The task may seem daunting, but once the chore is complete your pantry will instantly feel fresh and your food can easily be located in just a glance. 

Another great way to freshen up your pantry is to store items such as onions and potatoes in decorative baskets or accessible bins. Also, try putting your fruit in wire or mesh containers. 

Grab a trash bag, a few air tight containers and start creating a happier pantry! Who knows, you may be so inspired that you'll also organize your refrigerator!


Stay tuned, our Interior Designer is upgrading her pantry. More to come soon!