Organized Room = Project Finished


Time to let you in on a little secret...

I'm not always organized. 


My house has rooms that I'm not always proud of, usually multiple ones.  This is one big reason why I want to walk alongside you amazing people to overcome those spaces that keep you from entertaining, creating or just enjoying your home or workspace.

Thankfully, I have an incredible business partner who serves me as wonderfully as she serves our clients.  (She would also tell you her home has those rooms too :) Caroline generously offered to help me dwell a bit in one of my favorite spaces in my house.

It's that room I want to spend more time in.  It's away from the busyness of our household of five plus a puppy, my favorite books are in there, all my crafting materials, stationery, journals, photos to edit, and the light is wonderful, hence the name, sunroom.  It's my office & creativity room.  My daughter plays violin in it as well.

Unfortunately, it too often looked like this...


Quickly, it had become the dump room, the "I don't know where this goes (or am too lazy to put it away now) so put it in the sunroom" room.  The thing is, all these items have homes and many of them in the trash or donation box.

After just a couple of short hours, a few moves of furniture, and a rearranging of decorative items from all over the house, (Caroline is soooo good at this!)  I got this room back...

I love being in here now.  I'm so thankful for setting aside the time, having a dear & talented friend to help, and purging so many unneeded items.

The story doesn't end there though.  So, what happens in a room that's ordered, organized & inspiring??  Well, your daughter comes in to practice violin, notices the sewing machine neatly stored under the table and asks, "Mama, can we sew?"  To which I can finally say, "yes."  Below is the finished product, Saige is very happy in her new nightgown, and Kate is even happier that she got to make it, with a little help from mama.  Find the pattern here.