Spring Tip Roundup

Image via  Terrain

Image via Terrain

For a few days there it felt like Summer and then I had to pull the ice scraper back out for my windshield in the mornings. Thankfully, I think we've had our last frost now and we couldn't be more ready for some sunshine and warm weather. I find myself more motivated when Spring comes to put a little extra effort into things. We've found a few links from around the web to inspire you for the season.

1. Three looks for Spring

2. Spring Cleaning Decluttering Inspiration

3. The prettiest cleaning tools you've ever seen

4. Prepping your garden for spring

5. Dogwood Arts event calendar: If you are looking for things to do around Knoxville. Dogwood Arts hosts a wide variety of events celebrating spring and gardens all over Knoxville.

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

That’s what decluttering is: taking time to decide what’s important enough to remain in your life. It’s not about getting rid of everything, or emptying your life completely. It’s about figuring out what matters to you. And then getting rid of what doesn’t.
— Leo Babauta

For the month of March our blog entries will be centered around Spring Cleaning. Rather than overwhelming you with long detailed lists of things to do each week, we will give you two quick ideas to break up your work into manageable weekly to-do’s. We want to keep it simple and to the point while giving you helpful tips to stay motivated.

This week’s challenge:

1. Take a trash bag to your bathroom and fill it with anything you don’t use or anything that has expired. For items that haven’t expired but you don’t use, think about donating to a homeless shelter (The Volunteer Ministry Center or KARM) or giving them to a friend. Let yourself off the hook and don’t guilt yourself into keeping a bottle of face wash that you hate just because you used it once and didn’t like the result. In the future, look for small bottles when trying out a new product or do some online research and read customer ratings before buying.

2. Go through your email and open up any email that you didn’t sign up for or always delete before reading and unsubscribe yourself. One less piece of junk mail clogging up your brain and your inbox. * makes it easier to unsubscribe from multiple emails at a time