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Help You Dwell is a home and workspace organizing service based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Helpful Resources


Helpful Resources

taryn mcLean

This week we wanted to give you a closer look at some of the most helpful local resources for all of your purging, organizing and styling needs. We have amped up our "Resources" portion of the website and wanted to share with you. Consider the links below as "tools" in your tool belt of organization. This page is actively updated as we learn about new services available in our stay tuned! These are just a few highlights from our full resources page.


  • Goodwill : There are plenty of locations all around Knoxville. An organization that helps fund job training programs for East TN is something we can gladly get behind. 
  • YWCA  : They serve a wide variety of individuals from middle school girls and boys to women of all ages. A current "wish list" can be found on their website. 
  • Angelic Ministries : Located in north Knoxville, they accept any furniture, clothing, or household items in good condition. Ongoing needs include twin mattresses, box springs and bed linens. 
  • Ladies of Charity : This is another north Knox donation spot that accepts items ranging from clothing to household items to furniture. If you're unable to physically move your furniture, they'll arrange to come and get it from your home. 


  • Knoxville Box and Container, Inc : We can't speak highly enough of this local company that is committed to delivering quality products with unmatched customer service. Give them a call with your box and container needs. 
  • Moretz Moving :  Are you or someone you love moving soon? These are the folks to call; trusted and dependable. They also offer a free estimate! 


  • Neighborhood Nerds : General computer help for your families technology issues. They help with phones, desktops and laptops. Their team is passionate about teaching you to use your technology well. 
  • HappyMac : Local company you can count on with all of your Apple products. HappyMac team members really know the ins and outs of your favorite and most used products- after all they have been servicing Knoxville since 1994.


  • Fleetwood Photo & Digital : Need your old family photos or home videos archived? They can do it. They turned old forgotten pages of recipes into a beautifully bound cookbook for one of our clients. 


Knoxville is fortunate to have local organizations that make great use of our outdated or excess treasures. And we are huge fans of the local companies that provide the service and supplies we need to carry out our organizing jobs for our clients. 

We hope that some of these resources will give you the direction you need to get going on your next project!