tools and tips.

Do you have ideas and big ambitions about how to stay on top of your to-do list, calendar and schedule? If you're like us, we find our brain space full of swirling tasks and goals. We wanted to share some helpful downloads, printables, tips and tools we're loving recently. 

Get those things out of your mind... onto paper... into action! 

  1. The Inspired Room - Resources 

We love these sheets for so many reasons. You can use them as you're thinking through your design taste, creating new habits and writing out goals. And the font and colors are pretty too! 



      2. My Love for Words - Printable Labels

Looking for a set of labels that are ready to print today? These are perfect for a pantry, closet, garage or shelves. Tape them on today & feel accomplished. 



     3. House Full of Sunshine - Vision Board Printables

Does your office, home office or kitchen calendar need some inspiration? These are beautiful, encouraging and inspiring. Print them today and your workspace will be instantly brighter. 



     4. Kennary - Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

We are quickly approaching Fall... How functional is this pre-made maintenance list for the coming season?! Print it off and make a plan with your roommates or family before summer slips away. 




We hope these tools and tips are fun for you to look into today. Feel free to share with a friend who might love these resources!