organizing tips

Perfecting Your Pantry

Empty it out. 

- Discard all expired items (don't be embarrassed of what "vintage" items you may find!)
- Sort items into categories of similar items
- Throw away partially used open boxes of food

Sort into categories that work for you. 

- Group by meal (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, desserts)
- Group by type (grains, canned veggies, snacks, etc.)

Contain it all.

- Baskets, bins or containers
- Clear jars add visibility to how much of each item you have on hand (and are typically much prettier than the package the items came in
- Various sizes to fit each shelf space or specific item
- Personal preference: clear, all uniform containers, mix of different styles
- Use vertical space by incorporating stackable/multi-level storage (Two Tier Lazy Susan
- Wire baskets allow fruit/veggies to aerate (Decorative Wire Basket)

Here are a few ideas for containers:

Put it back in an intentionally neat way. 

- Items you use together- store near each other
- Items that you want your little ones to access- store on lower shelves
- Items you rarely use- store up high
- Items you use very regularly- store right at your eye sight level 

Enjoy a little gallery of some pretty pantries we've organized!

Tips to keep order in your pantry.

-Designate a place for a grocery list visible to everyone, so when an item runs out - you put it on the list right then! 
- Storing items with potential to spill in solid bottom containers will make clean up easier, in case of a mess. 
- Invest in labels (or create your own) for your pantry containers, to make sure everything stays in it's place. 
- Give your pantry a deep refresh each season (or monthly if you're able) by purging and rearranging according to what the current season requires. 
- Once a quarter, wipe clean each container to remove the crumbs or sticky handprints that have accumulated. 

Are you overwhelmed by the current chaos in your pantry?
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ultimate summer organizing playlist

There is something magical about the way music can ease a difficulty, bring enjoyment to a challenge and just make you feel good! We've compiled a little "summer organizing jams" playlist to share with you. It's a hodge-podge mix of some good tunes. Take a listen! 

What are some of your favorite genres, artists or playlists to listen to while working on a home project?

Happy listening! 

ease the pain of organizing

No matter how overwhelming or dreadful the organizing project ahead of you might be, there are ways to make it less painful. We've put our ideas and actual experiences together and this is what we came up with. 

Background Music

There is something magical about your favorite playlist pumping that will empower you to do even more than you thought you could. Instrumental music is great for the jobs that take extra brain power, like reading and sorting through files. Jobs that require a little more heavy lifting and rearranging lend themselves well to your favorite sing in the shower songs. As your muscles are firing up and working hard, a power ballad or sing along helps ease the pain - you can just belt it out, as long as your neighbors like your voice. Music really can be the extra fuel to get your organizing project handled. We've experienced it first hand & it's really fun (even if you don't know all the words). Try some of our favorites: Productive Morning playlist, Amos Lee radio, Bishop Briggs playlist

Fresh Air

Image from  fresh farmhouse blog . 

Image from fresh farmhouse blog

Whenever possible, open the windows (weather and allergy permitting). There is something soothing about fresh outside air flowing through your space. If you can't open the windows, pulling up blinds and opening curtains does wonders as well. This spring, try it out - while organizing or doing household chores, bust open a window and soak in that vitamin D and breezy air.  Especially in a room that feels dark, dated or overwhelming... a little air can be so life-giving. Hearing the birds chip, leaves rustling or bikers passing by remind you that you are not alone stuck in the space you are working on. 

Enlist a Teammate 

Invite a friend over. Twice the muscle and (wo)man power to get the job done! You and a friend probably both have an organizing project in your home you just don't want to tackle alone, so partner with each other! You need the kind of friend who understands what is important to you but who also isn't afraid to lay down the hammer and help you PURGE. The kind of friend who will notice if you are starting to hold onto excess and useless things, and gently remind you that you are only going to feel lighter if you let go. A friend can also laugh with you at the hilarious and embarrassing memories or items discovered. It does wonders to a friendship, to vulnerably share your mess and work through it together! 


Set a timer for 1 hour on your phone when you begin your project. This will be a good pause time to get up, leave the room/project and grab a snack or water. Don't get too stuck in all of the stuff! 5-10 minute break times can be very helpful. Just make sure you commit returning to the project until it's done. 

Treat Yourself! 

Cheers! Image from @ Anthropologie . 

Cheers! Image from @Anthropologie

Incentivizing a task is a great way to keep you empowered throughout the drag of the job. Instead of rewarding yourself with more "stuff" or material possessions - think of a treat you'd enjoy that is an experience. Here's a few ideas to celebrate a job well done: pedicure,, wine night with friends, fancy date night out, renting that movie you've wanted to see, or planning a family vacation. Invite kids to participate in this too - if they commit and tackle an organizing job in their room, reward them with a sleepover or trip to the trampoline park! 

We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas on how to keep organizing fun. Happy organizing, friends!